Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blog Flashbacks

Welcome to this weekend's Blog Flashbacks post!

In mid-September 2010 I discovered a nice little Chinese temple on top of a hill. The Tow Moo Keong temple sits atop a hill with views of Kuantan town and is just a few minutes from the town centre. The artwork is colourful and skillfully displayed. It's well worth a visit!

A couple of years ago we bought a small aquarium with some tiny little fish. We were excited but soon enough the fish began to drop dead and it was all over pretty quickly. The following link will take you to one of the updates on the state of our aqaurium from September 2009:


  1. Temple Beautiful, lovely backlighting. Fixed, I've put your new button. Greetings.

  2. Ok Leovi, thanks. Have a great weekend!

  3. Those big clay pots are gorgeous - and is that sunflowers I can see in the containers?
    Have a great week-end in Kuantan!

  4. I find interesting the post about the Chinese temple, even if it seems to be a new one. I like the sculptured columns of the temple.

  5. Hi Dianne, I am not sure if they are sunflowers. It was a great temple to visit!

    Traveling Hawk, yes those columns were quite a sight. Lovely sculptures, very skillfully done!


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