Saturday, July 2, 2011

Kuantan Old Town

One sunny afternoon I took my Panasonic Lumix DMC-F2 and spent a couple of hours walking around Kuantan Old Town. This is a very old area of Kuantan, with aged buildings and a few pearls amongst the lines of shops covering the roads. I hope you enjoy this photographic tour of the old Kuantan, which I'm glad is still standing today, providing reminders of the past.

Jalan Mahkota, Kuantan

The distinctive building in Kuantan Old Town is still a sight today

A newly built restaurant at bottom with a hotel above

View of the TM building in Kuantan Old Town

A minaret of the Pahang State Mosque rises into the sky nearby

A view of Kompleks Mahkota

The Tourism Malaysia office on Jalan Mahkota. I picked up a number of useful brochures on my visit there.

Perspective shot looking down a row of shops at Kuantan Old Town

Interior of a ladies fabric shop

And another. Can you spot the human face in the picture?

My new friend from India who owns a material and carpet shop

Jalan Teruntum turns on to Jalan Mahkota in Kuantan Old Town

Looking down Jalan Mahkota, Kuantan, the police offices lie on the left of the picture

Footbridge across the main road

A neglected area in Kuantan Old Town

Not sure about the certain 'ambience' of this hotel!

The pigeons gather together outside the carpet shop

Don't look up!

Some other shops at Kuantan Old Town

After a while I found some art shops where local Malaysians are developing their skills in artistry, particularly painting. Here are the pictures:

A delicately beautiful piece depicting Lord Buddha

The people in this art studio were good enough to take pictures with me.

The painter in action

Waving goodbye to two more new friends in Kuantan Old Town

Another painter in an art gallery

Suraya and Kosma hotels opposite the post office, Jalan Mahkota, Kuantan Old Town.

While Kuantan develops and grows with new structures like the Zenith Hotel and East Coast Mall, it is a tasty contrast to still have the old buildings which shaped Kuantan's image.


  1. Well, your photos pretty much tell the whole picture of the area... I don't even have to be there to know there place :)

  2. I like the rows of old buildings in Kuantan. Thanks for taking these photos to share with us the image of your actual residence town, Duncan!

  3. FGF and Traveling Hawk, you were both very quick with your comments! I've only just posted this half an hour ago. Thank you both for dropping by :)

  4. As a writer, your pictures always remind me how captivating setting can be. Looking at these photographs, I'm reminded that each picture tells its own story, and when you roll all the stories together, a great tale can be created.

  5. Interesting. Thanks for taking me around on a trip in "your" city. And yes....I did finf the human face :) After a while that is !

  6. At one time Teruntum complex was the only happening place in Kuantan. I like Jalan Mahkota. Looks like it is still bustling. And that police station still stands out like a sore thumb! Is the row of pre-war shop houses where they used to sell salted fish still around? I like that picture of the street with the lone bungalow opposite OCBC Bank. Thanks for bringing back memories for me.

  7. Thanks for sharing your photos - those were cool!

  8. Hi Paul, each picture indeed tells its own story. I really should make one huge 'novel' by putting all my Kuantan pictures together into a Kuantan album!

    Lasse, glad you were able to find it! It was well hidden!

    ordinary malaysian, picture number 28 shows Chen Hing shop where salted and dried fish is sold. Are you referring to this one?

    Alex, good to have you over here, thanks!

  9. Wonderful and varied series, a great story with excellent framing and beautiful views. I really love this old part of Kuantan. Saludos.

  10. Thanks Leovi, it's always a pleasure to welcome you here!

  11. It's like doing the visit at the same time. Your photos are talking to us, each its own way. Easy to feel the atmosphere of the old Kuantan.


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