Thursday, December 30, 2010

Singapore Botanic Gardens

It was exactly a year ago yesterday that I ventured around the Singapore Botanic Gardens. The images before my eyes, stored in my brain and on camera, are unforgettable; I often flash back and reminisce on that lovely day in Singapore. The Singapore Botanic Gardens can be accessed on Cluny Road - I took the lengthy walk from the Newton MRT, along Bukit Timah Road, and left down Cluny Road. For those who are more sane, taking a taxi would be a better idea!

The Singapore Botanic Gardens has a fresh and alive feel to it, which captures you as soon as you enter the grounds. Grassy plains, undulating hills, lofty trees, running waters and gorgeous orchids make this place something else. There is so much to see that one really needs to spend an entire day there, to fully appreciate its grandeur. A fully charged camera would also be handy!

I took a plethora of photos that day and I don't remember snapping a single bad picture. Everywhere you look is beauty. Here is a selection of my favourite memories:

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Inside the Zenith Hotel at Night

I re-visited the Zenith Hotel after dark for another photographic assessment and bumped into Michelle Wong at the multi-coloured bar. We had a chat about various things. I also briefly chatted with a young man named Frank who recognised me from my blog. He said he had stayed at the Zenith last night. Later when I spoke with Michelle, she pointed out to me that Frank is the Owner's son! If only I'd known that when we were chatting!

My pictures were captured with my Panasonic Lumix DMC-F2.

The water feature fronts the Zenith Hotel

More about the meaning of "zenith" in a future post, as we 'look up' to the top

The Zenith Hotel is nicely located directly opposite East Coast Mall

The Christmas tree comes alive at night

The spacious foyer makes for clear reflections on the smooth marble floor

Up next are the ever-changing colours of the bar:

A set of elevators behind the foyer

A lovely view of the foyer from the elevators

Display at the 2nd floor elevator

2nd floor elevator with signboard

The distinctive, blue-illuminated staircase

View of the staircase from the 2nd floor balcony overlooking the foyer

Twisting staircase with reflections in the glass panels

Carefully walking down the stairs - the marble floor is very smooth and can be quite slippery, so you better watch your step!

Detail at the water feature in the foyer

Quite badly attempting a pose beside the bar!

The spacious kitchen area

I look forward to another opening on New Year's Day, in the anticipation of a few more surprises, and more great pictures!

Lauren Dancing on Christmas Day

Lauren quite brilliantly provided the entertainment on Christmas Day, showcasing her dance moves, footwork, the splits, and ended with a beautiful bow! Bravo! Bravo!

Christmas In Kuantan 2010 - Part 4 - "Boxing" Day

This is why they call December 26th "Boxing" Day:

Big right hand

Left jab


Deadly Uppercut
Left jab knocks Melvin's specs off!
But the tide suddenly turned as Melvin broke through my defence to land a telling blow
He follows it up with another right hand to the jaw
Melvin executes his special move, the 'face squasher' to win the duel!

That's why December 26th is Boxing Day. But my mother will probably tell you a different reason... *smiling*


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