Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sacred Spots

The awe of sacred places is consuming. There is a certain reverence that lights up within me when I step foot inside a mosque or a temple or old cathedral, whatever theological denomination they may proclaim. These are buildings that were erected in faith, places where their believers come to pray, to commune with the divine, to find peace, to worship, and in so doing, acknowledge a divine source higher than themselves.

Here are a handful of photographs of my visit to the Pahang State Mosque, and secondly, to the Pahang Buddhist association.

This is but a taster. More pictures of both the Pahang State Mosque and the Pahang Buddhist Association will be on their way soon.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Kuantan Sights

Kuantan rather reminds me of Ipoh. I stayed there for a too-short 3 months back in 2004 and gradually fell in love with the place. Like Ipoh, Kuantan is a small town which is generally quiet and peaceful. Located well away from the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur, one can appreciate more fully the stunning nature scenes Malaysia has to offer.

I have had in my storage vaults a number of photographs taken as far back as 2007, from various places around Kuantan. One simply has to venture on a brief saunter around the streets of Bukit Sekilau to feast upon flowers and other fascinating plants growing by the roadside and in front gardens. Here are a few of my favourite scenes of my current home village...

This picture of a mature hibiscus is my pride and joy. I have never held my camera so still in 'no flash' mode! The blurry dancing circles of colour in the top left perfectly contrast with the sharp clarity of the hibiscus' erect stamen.

In Malaysia this flower is known as Bunga Kertas, which translates as 'Paper flower' because, well, it looks like paper!

I think you will agree with me that the beauty of these flowers need no lengthy written description. It just wouldn't do them justice. There is most definitely a God who created this glorious natural world.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Sultan of Pahang

Yesterday in Kuantan's East Coast Mall was a lovely exhibition of the Sultan of Pahang's most memorable acts captured in photo. Here is a small collection of the offerings. It's just got to make you smile.

This is my personal favourite of the Sultan sharing a light moment with Najib, the Prime Minister of Malaysia...

It is a wonderful collection of pictures. I would love a room-full of pictures of my family like that, and I hope one day I will have the space and the money to amass such an array of frames.

Monday, October 26, 2009


My daughter, Lauren, is fast approaching two years of age, and is talking with ever-increasing frequency too. It is quite a struggle at times, keeping up with her and certain pronunciation that she uses! She learns new words so quickly.

This is Lauren's little ritual that she goes through every time we go shopping at Carrefour. Lie down comfortably, take a picture, off we go!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Light of Christ

The Light From Behind the Cloud

The darkest evening can turn into the brightest day. Through revealed truth from living prophets who testify of Christ, we may see the light that was once hidden from view in the surrounding darkness. We need not always mourn at the grey-ness of the clouds, when the light of the Sun is inviting us into it's rays.

The atonement of Jesus Christ provides hope to a hopelessly fallen world, acts as a balm from pain and sorrows, and brings relief from crushing burdens. He it was who took upon himself our struggles with sin, sickness and distress, and He it is who shines the light of his atonement on us amidst the darkest clouds of mortal life.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Black Whizz

A good-condition scooter fortunately fell into our hands a couple of weeks ago, and I decided to give it a complete makeover with a good spray painting. Looking like Roger Federer at the 2007 U.S. Open in his all-black outfit, earning the nickname "Darth Federer', here are the stunning results:

Batik and Tenun

The Ministry of Tourism, Handicrafts and Arts arrived in Kuantan's East Coast Mall for a roadshow yesterday. Along with the Sunshine Academy of dancers and the Bonsai Tree competition, it seems EC Mall is attracting more interest in recent times.

The woman doing this Pua Kumbu is actually my wife's friend from Kuching. She has woven many items and sells them with much success.

Here is another intriguing work station, the woman making a songket. As you can see, it looks very much like a sarong, which I love to wear at nights, only that a songket is worn by men as part of the traditional Malay clothing.

Here is a beautifully crafted 'Congkak' game, played by two players moving as many marbles as possible into their end pockets. Tricky to pick up at first, but quite addictive once one gets going.

We left the activities for a while to buy some bargains including a tray of 30 eggs for just RM5.99. Here is Lauren pulling her own basket...and later, with her favourite Japanese girl...

The area here is developing well. East Coast Mall, Chinatown, India Town, Malay Town, Construction Town and an ICT hub are transforming this patch of land into somewhat of an attraction. Currently in progress is the building of a hotel, convention centre and office block which is slated for completion by October 2010.

Yes, it looks rather like the facade of a temple, and how I wish it was, but a hotel will do fine in this part of Kuantan. We might give it a try ourselves next year.

And here is Lauren saying goodbye, and thank you for reading.


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