Friday, August 5, 2011

Fidelia's Friday - Life in Kuantan

Life in Kuantan wasn't so exciting for me at first. It was back in June 2004. I spent most of my time in my university campus and went to town once in a while. I felt it was a small and boring place with only one big shopping mall! It is so different from my home town Kuching. 

I only started to enjoy staying in Kuantan when Duncan and I moved to our apartment in Bukit Sekilau. I lived off campus and drove to university every weekday for my classes and sometimes on Saturdays. It was a 45-minute drive for me. I have my friend, Thinesh to thank because he helped me to find a place to live. 

Our apartment is situated in a very strategic place. We are near a private hospital, a government clinic, a pharmacy, a supermarket, a night market, a petrol station (or a gas station) and right now the most happening shopping mall in Kuantan called East Coast Mall! Also we are near the only 5 star hotel in Kuantan, the Zenith Hotel! One more thing that would make this place complete is a bus stop! I barely see a public bus around Bukit Sekilau. 

The food in Kuantan is also so different from my home town but it is nice and delicious. I miss my kolo mee (a famous noodle in Sarawak) and my dad's bamboo chicken once in a while and I miss my sago worms now and again! The Bak Kut Teh in Kuching is more delicious than Kuantan. So, in terms of food I prefer Kuching food! 

We make more friends as time passes by. Most of them came from being Duncan's students' parents. We love our friends here in Kuantan. They will help us whenever they can if we ask them. So, that's good! During festive season, they will kindly invite us to their houses and we really appreciate that. We love food! Free food! Who doesn't?!

Right now, I enjoy my life in Kuantan. I don't enjoy all the firecrackers being set up at night during festive season but I enjoy the fireworks they put on show during Chinese New Year just outside our apartment on the field! Beautiful! Although my Lauren is scared of the loud noise, she also enjoys the beauty of it!

So, are you enjoying your life in a place where you are currently living now? Because I am definitely loving my life here in Kuantan!


  1. I think there is a natural adjustment period everyone must experience when moving to a new location. We all go through tough times acclimating to a new culture and meeting new people. I moved twice as a kid and it took me about a year in both situations. It took me a good year to get comfortable at my college also.

    I'm glad you are over the bump and are meeting great people. Another great post. See you next week!

  2. I actually lived in Miri, Sarawak for a few years, but it was around a time when I couldn't remember much because I was so young. I went back to Miri a couple of years back, and I know what you're talking about - the kolo mee is absolutely amazing.

    Since then, I've moved twice. There definitely is a lot of change when moving, and it takes a while to get comfortable and familiarise ourselves with the new place: this was certainly the case when I moved to Australia. I do enjoy my life here, and like you, it's partly because of the wonderful people that I've met and made friends with.

    Thanks for a great read, looking forward to your next post!

    Ninja-ing my way through life

  3. That's exactly what's happening to me right now. I mean the adjustment period. I am now teaching in Semporna and I experience excruciating boredom and culture shock. It's been a month and I still can't believe that I'm actually working here but I work hard everyday to convince myself that I need to just suck it up because I'll be here for at least 3 years! Hopefully, everything will get better soon.

    Btw, I super-love-like kolo mee. And laksa Sarawak :)

  4. We love it here where we live in northeast Georgia (usa). It is quiet, although their is a freight railroad track a block away. No whistles, just the sound of the train is n ice to hear. Have serene mountains nearby We've planted many trees and enjoy looking at them. Pear trees had so much fruit, the weight broke the branch. We made pear relish. Same thing with peaches, made pie. Berries not too much I think rabbits are getting them. Pecan trees just sitting there leafless second year in a row. But we are very happy here. Would love to visit relatives in Birkenhead UK, but finances do not permit it.

  5. Good for you that you quickly adjusted to life in Kuantan. Kuantan is actually a nice place to live in. And you forgot to mention that Teluk Chempedak is nearby where you stay. The beach is a nice place to retreat to once in a while. I have tasted kolo mee here in Kuala Lumpur and Ampang but I guess it is not the same as the kolo mee in Sarawak. Bak kut teh is delicious, but I like the chicken version of the Chinese verbal soup. What's that about sago worms? I also love firecrackers and especially the fireworks. Festivals without them positively feel bland and so unfestive. However, they do make such a din. This post of yours is a good introduction to your life with your family in Kuantan.

  6. I believe above all it's about how much and how quickly are you enjoying the new place, new people, new habits.

  7. Nice and informative post, Fidelia!

    I am back from my vacation and I have a lot to catch on with your blogs.

  8. I do miss the Kolo Mee, but I am coming to Kuantan soon; hope to me up with you if possible for a photo shoot around Kuantan town !!!! Cheers for good life .... wherever you are !

  9. Wong, do let me know when you are in Kuantan. That photoshoot would be great!

  10. Nice story & hope you will always be love to stay here..

  11. I am so glad that you are happy with your life now in Kuantan, with Duncan and your two beautiful little daughters. They probably keep you busy!! The shopping mall sounds good to me, but you certainly do seem to be in a good position with your apartment. I hope that you are enjoying writing your Friday posts, as we are enjoying reading them! Sorry I'm late in commenting, but I have had my family staying from France.

  12. Paul Joseph: Yes, I am glad too!

    Michelle:That's lovely that you are enjoying your time in Australia. My second youngest sister is studying in Melbourne and she is loving it there and planned not to come back to Malaysia!!

    Angel: Yes, sometimes we have to accept the fact that we have been sent to a place that we might not like at all but because it is not left to us to choose, we have to go with the flow and who knows we might like it later!

    anthony stemke: I would like to visit England again too but like you finances don't permit it at the moment.

    ordinary malaysian: Yes, the TC beach. It is 20 minutes away from our apartment. We don't go there every week but maybe twice a year or when my family come for a visit. We haven't missed going there for the Lantern festival for 2 years in a row now. Maybe not this year with Leah still so small.

    Elena, Travelling Hawk, bidik art & Thisisme: Thank you so much for your comments!

  13. I am enjoying reading of your experiences in Kuantan Fidelia as I hope you enjoy mine about Italy.

  14. Thanks Linda, my wife is getting to grips with Fidelia's Friday and rather enjoying it. I enjoy reading about your life in the beautiful country of Italy!


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