Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Super Singapore Part 2 - The Fullerton Hotel

The Fullerton Hotel lies near Raffles Place in the fabulous city-island of Singapore. Many times I've walked past the Fullerton Hotel, but never been inside - until last Friday. I was pleasantly dazzled with what I saw.

The main entrance of the Fullerton Hotel

I spent a few moments admiring the beauty of the Fullerton Hotel before I started taking pictures

Up-down panorama of a section of the Fullerton Hotel Ground Floor

Man playing music on a piano, above; main entrance straight ahead; staircase leading down a level


Children lure fish at the Fullerton Hotel

The East Garden at the Fullerton Hotel

Posed for a picture in the East Garden of the Fullerton Hotel

A view inside the Fullerton Hotel

Food and drinks on the 5th floor

"The Lighthouse" restaurant on the 10th and highest floor of the Fullerton Hotel

The view of Marina Bay from The Lighthouse

Revolving doors welcome and bid farewell to visitors at the Fullerton Hotel

Goodbye, and see you tomorrow!


  1. Incredibly beautiful Duncan. Were you lucky enough to stay there?
    The photos are all wonderful but I especially like the lamps at the lifts shot.

  2. It looks wonderfully cool in the hotel, perfect we have temps nearing 40C here in Roma and surrounding areas at the moment!

  3. If I am not mistaken, Fullerton Hotel was the Fullerton Building housing a government department. See how Singapore has so cleverly turned it into a grand looking hotel. The Merlion was sited nearby too. Great pictures.

  4. Craig, I wasn't fortunate enough to stay at the Fullerton Hotel. I'll probably need a much bigger wallet!

    Linda, I can't believe you're having that much heat in Europe! Surprisingly it wasn't over-cold in The Fullerton Hotel. Just comfortable!

    ordinary malaysian, thanks for the little bit of history :)

  5. Först... Tusen tack för titten hos mig.
    Jag blev väldigt glad att du skrev och att du kommer att följa mig.

    Vilket hotell.
    Jag bara sitter här och gapar och ser ut som en fågelholk i ansiktet Så vackert.
    Där skulle man bo,men det kostar nog hur mycket som helst så jag får väl nöja mig med dina att titta på dina fina bilder.
    Du är jätteduktig med din kamera.
    Jag har också Sony
    Ha en riktig skön dag.Här regnar det.
    Usch och fy.

  6. Hi Duncan!
    Thanks for your nice visit on my blog. This was an increadible hotel. I can very well understand that you need a big wallet to stay a night there! But we are lucky to follow your photos, allmost like beeing there ! :))

  7. Lotta, thanks for returning to my blog. I had to google translate your comment and this was the result:

    First ... Many thanks for the viewer with me. I was very glad you wrote and that you will follow me. Which hotel. I just sit here and yawns and looks like a birdhouse in your face So beautiful. Where would you live, but it costs enough, how much time so I'll have to content myself with your looking at your beautiful pictures. You are really good with your camera. I also have Sony Have a real nice dag.Här it rains. Yikes and fy. Kramizz / / Lotta

    I understand most of it. The Fullerton Hotel is an amazing structure! My Sony camera has served me well so far!

    Lasse, thanks for dropping by. I think I'll go check out the room rates!

  8. I think the room rates will stop you straight away but a day in photos just for the pleasure, it's beautiful. Like a small city by itself.

  9. How dare you sit in front of the Fullerton without a coat and tie, heeheehee.
    Seriously, Even the Waldorf Astoria cannot match this.
    Great photogrsphs too.
    Singapore is quite a city.

  10. Yes Marie, this is what we call window shopping around hotels :)

    anthony, thanks. The Fullerton is something. Beautiful place!


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