Friday, August 26, 2011

Fidelia's Friday - Finally I'm going back to Kuching

I finally will be going back to Kuching after 5 years. I couldn't believe that the tickets are booked and I'll be flying in October.

I was so excited that I couldn't sleep the night the tickets were booked. I had all sorts of things in my head. Thinking about my favourite noodle, Kolo Mee and one particular rice porridge from the open-air market in town.

I had to persuade Duncan to agree with me because he didn't want to go through the hassle of travelling with young children. Being a photographer at my eldest sister's wedding reception got him thinking! I know he would love to take new photos for his blog. Something different to share with his fellow bloggers. 

So, we will be staying there for a week and I know it will go by so fast. I will spend my time wisely there because it might be another 5 years until I go back again.

I am over-the-top excited for our trip back. Not looking forward to the bus ride from Kuantan to KL though and the long flight back to Kuching. I am hoping the children will behave well. Hoping it will be a stress-free journey (which I doubt it will).

So, have you ever been over-the-top excited about something until you can't sleep at night??? Even Duncan is excited to go back to Kuching now!


  1. I always feel excited before a trip :) can't sleep either, but such a great feeling!

  2. Very exciting for you to have this trip to look forward to. As long as you are well organised, travelling with young children is fine :)

  3. A happy trip back to your kampung, I mean your hometown. It is always a nice feeling anticipating going back to your birth-place esp. after such a long absence. Take care and best wishes to you and family.

  4. Gracias por tu comentario Duncan.
    Me han gustado muchísimo tus fotos, las nocturnas son fantásticas!
    Un saludo y hasta pronto!

  5. I am not familiar with your destination, or how far it is, but wish you all a great, fun, safe journey. I like the photo of the street scene at the top of this blog, is that a drainage culvert running along front of the builodings?
    Bon voyage.

  6. Yes! I sometimes get ideas for the stories I write RIGHT before I want to sleep. Which of course keeps me awake for hours!

    :-) Hope you enjoy the trip!

  7. Michelle, that's half of what makes traveling so much fun!

    Linda, we will be well prepared

    Thanks Leovi!

    ordinary malaysian, I'm sure we will have a great time

    Elena, hello, and thanks for visiting. Hope to see you again soon!

    Anthony, Kuching is on the island of Borneo, a 105-minute flight from Kuala Lumpur. And yes that is a drain running along the front of the houses.

    Thanks Misha, we'll have a good one!

  8. How curious ! I am from Kuching too, I drool and dream about Sarawak laksa, kolok mee and tomato kuey teow. Have a wonderful trip and bring back many happy memories.

  9. Thanks Spice Apple, we're really looking forward to the Kolo Mee!

  10. Hope you enjoy the trip and I recommend you to think about the tomorrow and what you do in the morning .... Don't see to the back at all unless you want to need to check something's ... Ahmed

  11. Thanks for your comment Ahmed! We can learn a lot from the past, but we shouldn't dwell on it and distract us from the present.


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