Sunday, August 28, 2011

Blog Flashbacks

A year ago near the end of August 2010, we went to my friend's bird house, the first time we had ever been to such a place. It was dark, smelly and noisy, but a unique experience nonetheless.

Two years ago in August 2009, we went on a one-night trip to the famous old town of Sungai Lembing. It was like living in the past, and although one night and a day wasn't enough time to fully appreciate it, I still sensed a little magic in the air.

What are some unique experiences you have had in your travels?


  1. Interesting post, Duncan. I love reading your blog flashbacks.

    A unique experience I had was at Apollo Bay two years ago, a coastal town in southwestern Victoria. We stayed overnight there, and it was just really unique and special to stay at a small town, where everyone knows everyone. And there were also huge, huge trees, with roots that extend to make quite interesting shapes. It makes you wonder what it's like to live in such a place; a tourist destination where many people come and go, but having everything at a walking distance, not to mention a coastal lifestyle.

    Looking forward to your next blog flashback.

    Ninja-ing my way through life

  2. Great memories ya! Reminded me that I have a bunch of great pics took during my holidays with my in laws... gotta sort them out soon and share with the rest of my family :) YOu have a great week ahead!

  3. I will never forget The Terracotta Army, Xian, China, amazing experience!

  4. Hi Duncan! I'm back from my travels and have just posted my first post on L'Aussie Travel. I've started with Normandy in France.

    Unique experience. Driving along in Morocco and seeing Berbers camping in the Sahara Desert. Being invited into their humble home and chatting through the Arabic guide. Was marvellous. Will be posting some photos later.


  5. A bit sad how some houses in residential turn into such "bird-nest" ventures.... seen a lot of them along the west coast from Klang driving down to Port Dickson...

  6. Thanks Michelle, Apollo Bay sounds great!

    FGF, thanks and have a productive week.

    Linda, I'm sure that was something else :)

    Denise, hello again! Looking forward to reading of your adventures!

    WCW, it is a bit controversial but everyone is trying to make a living..


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