About Me

I was a blonde haired, blue-eyed boy when I was much younger, just what my mum always wanted her son to look like. Nowadays the hair is brown and the eyes are more grey than blue.

I grew up in Glenfield, Leicester, England, loved primary school, hated secondary school, and was thrilled to finish studying and start working. I worked in two different warehouses in Leicester doing strenuous work which I far preferred to sitting in classrooms.

In between my two jobs I served as a full-time volunteer for two years in Malaysia and Singapore for my church. That's how I first became acquainted with South-East Asia and I guess you could say my heart has been there ever since.

On a holiday in Kuching, Sarawak in 2005 I met Fidelia who became my fiancee a month later and my wife a year after that. We spent 11 months apart while we were engaged - me working at the warehouse in England, Fidelia studying in West Malaysia. That was easily the most difficult time of my life. I wouldn't advise long distance love to anyone but on the other hand it can be the most rewarding.

We have been living in Kuantan since June 2006 and I love this little town and seeing the growth and development it is undertaking. My wife and I are entrepreneurs teaching English classes at home for our company 'Horne Learning Services'.


  1. peace b upon u duncan !
    i found ur link in i love pahang blog..
    pretty amaze when a foreigner xcited 2 cite my little beloved town...

    perhaps we can meet one day or 2 =)

    hv a gr8 days ahead with ur sweet family

  2. Hi Shazali, thanks for coming over to my blog! Hope you enjoyed your time here in my little space. Maybe we will meet, keep in touch.

  3. i like to read your blog,can learn more english.

  4. Thank you Winson, I hope you will enjoy many more visits!

  5. Finally you settled down and found a happy home and marriage!

  6. I stumbled upon ur blog... love all your blog post. Keep up the good work! :)

  7. Thank you Henry, I appreciate that! Hope you will enjoy many more visits :)

  8. •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰
    Bonjour Duncan ! :o)
    C'est bien de lire le "about me" ça permet de mieux connaitre le propriétaire du blog.
    Je suis ravie que ta vie te plaise et que Fidelia soit la femme de ta vie. Elle est jolie et porte un magnifique prénom !!!!

    Je vous souhaite beaucoup de bonheur !!!!
    Bonne fin de semaine à toi !
    •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰ •✰

  9. Nancy, thanks for taking the time to learn a little more about me! It's particularly good to connect with other happily married people like yourself :)

  10. Very nice to meet you, Duncan. Just curious, are you LDS? I so admire your church's missionary focus. I belong to a non-denominational church, and we are also mission focused.
    Looking forward to reading more of you during the A-Z.

    Tina @ Life is Good
    Co-host, April 2013 A-Z Challenge Blog
    @TinaLifeisGood, #atozchallenge

  11. Hi Tina,

    Yes I'm LDS and served as a Mormon missionary for 2 years. Thanks for dropping by!

  12. This is my first time stumbled upon your blog. Can't say more, i'm impressed with your decision to stay here in Malaysia. May your deeds reward...

    Btw, this is my summer project. Please like it yeah. But, it's in Malay. Sorry. :)


  13. Greetings Shazmie,

    Thank you for coming here and leaving a comment. It was actually a very easy decision to stay in Malaysia. I love the lifestyle so much!


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