Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Genting Highlands - Part 5 - 6,000 feet above sea level

At Genting Highlands resort, we were soon struck down by aches and pains, stomach complaints and in my case, a throbbing head which felt ready to explode! 

It wasn't until we decided to leave Genting on Thursday night down the 18km road to the bottom of the hill upon which this resort stands, that my mother-in-law told us.

Genting sits at an altitude of 6,000 feet! That's almost a quarter of the way up Mount Everest. No wonder my head felt as though it was slowly expanding!

Wednesday night I barely slept at all due to a bad stomach. The pharmacy and some Nestle yoghurts came to the rescue the following day. But we were all pretty tired by the 2nd day and decided to leave that night.

The altitude played funny tricks with us. Apart from the mentioned symptoms, the hot chocolate sachets we brought up with us became tightly filled with air, which disappeared when we got back to Kuala Lumpur (KL). That's exactly how my head felt!

We also later discovered that the tablets in Fidelia's medicine box had melted and were stuck to the edges of the box!

Talk about 'under pressure!'

When we left on Thursday night, Florianna, my sister-in-law, quite skillfully drove us down the winding wet, slippery and at places, dark decline, 18km down the hill. We savoured the crisp, cool mountain air, whilst passing by two separate car accidents to a much lower and bearable level of the atmosphere.

From the top we saw an incredible sight in the darkness of the city lying below, softly illuminated in amber lights. It was a moment that kind of took my breath away. From the bottom I looked back up the hill through the back window and observed the majestic Resort World Genting standing tall and illuminated at those heady heights. I struggled to decide which sight was the most spectacular.


  1. It must be hard up to that altitude. Whenever I go by plane I burst the ears. I imagine being at that stage without the protection of the aircraft.

  2. "Under pressure"?
    Hmm, I think it's probably "over heated".

    To prevent altitude sickness, Malaysian Chinese usually like to snack something that's really sour as we ascend/ descend. Try this next time.

  3. A scary end for the trip! Thanks God in the end you were all OK!

  4. Leovi, it was hard for me, but my 3-year-old daughter was absolutely fine!

    London Caller, I'll have to try that next time...if there is a next time!

    Traveling Hawk, yeah it was a nice trip because it was a new place I'd never been to, but I think once in my life to Genting is enough!


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