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We love staying in hotels for birthdays, anniversaries or occasionally just for fun, to get out of the home and be pampered once in a while. Often, we will attempt to make a deal with hotels for a free stay in return for a blog post review and extra publicity. 

Here you will find reviews of the hotels in Kuantan we have tried out, what we liked, what we didn't like (which is very little!) and the services they offer.

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A quick survey of Kuantan's main hotels, August 2009

Laman Sentosa Boutique Hotel, Kuantan

Cathayana Hotel Kuantan


  1. Love the new addition honey! Keep it up!

  2. Thank you very much babe, I'm sure glad you like what I'm doing ;)

  3. I'm siva balan from vistana hotel .It was wonderful meeting both of you. Your beautiful daughter was full of information about her food! You have a very informative blog! There is a book on Kuantan being sold in Chan Chew photoshop, Jalan Mahkhota Square.

  4. Hi Siva, thanks for following my blog and coming here to leave a comment! I will have to find that book on Kuantan, thanks for the info.


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