Monday, October 3, 2011

Ten Thousand Buddhas Hall (Wan Fo Tien Temple) @ Pahang Buddhist Association

The Ten Thousand Buddhas Hall (Wan Fo Tien Temple) is part of the Pahang Buddhist Association in Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia.

This temple is a beautiful place with cool breezes wafting through the hall, and peaceful serenity within the compound. Visitors are welcome to enjoy the quietness of the place, as long as they are respectful and mindful that this is a holy place and should be treated as such.

Removing one's shoes and refraining from loud speech are a couple of the regulations.

The reason this temple is named "The Ten Thousand Buddhas Hall" is because the inner walls of the temple are covered with 15,743 little tiles with the image of Buddha intricately carved into each piece, from top to bottom.

A fat Buddha awaits at the front entrance of The Ten Thousand Buddhas Hall, almost as if he is guarding the temple. Beyond him, inside the hall itself, sits a giant white jade Buddha statue.

Time spent inside The Ten Thousand Buddhas Hall is peaceful because of it's silence. You can't help but feel in awe, just because of the quiet atmosphere. Occasionally a person came in, bowed himself to the floor for a few moments, and then left, satisfied with his devotional prayers.

A panorama of The Ten Thousand Buddhas Hall

One cannot appreciate The Ten Thousand Buddhas Hall in Kuantan without noticing the beautiful gardens which lie beside it. Trees, plants and flowers adorn the area, along with a green lake where you can feed the fish, with a stunning cliff face backdrop.

I was fortunate enough to be accompanied by the most beautiful weather during my visit to The Ten Thousand Buddhas Hall. Blistering sunshine, deep blue skies, the occasional white fluffy cloud, and a gentle breeze. The sunlight really brought the pictures to life.

I love the deep blue of the sky as it contrasts with the orange roof and the white cloud


  1. Hi Duncan. What a truly amazing place. Your photos are absolutely stunning. I would love to visit it myself one day, as it does look so peaceful and spiritual. I love the fat Buddha at the entrance. Did you rub his tummy?! All those little Buddhas carved out like that. I think it would have simply taken my breath away. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful photos with us.

  2. Me again Duncan. Would you mind if I borrowed a photo of that fat Buddha for a post, and refer people to this particular post of yours. I think this wonderful place deserves to be seen by others! I won't be offended if you say 'no'!

  3. Excellent photo series with really interesting, beautiful place.

  4. Nice photos Duncan! You did get a lovely clear sky day. Malaysia is truly at it's most beautiful when the grey skies disappear and the rich blue dominates. The gardens at this temple are particularly good.

  5. You have taken some great pictures of the temple both inside and outside, Duncan. One can feel the quiet and the serenity of the place, like one is actually there. Thanks.

  6. Duncan ! did not know about this temple ! the interior surely thousands a large number of Buddhas statues... cool series and thanks !

  7. Thanks Fidelia!

    Diane, I didn't rub his tummy, but you're more than welcome to use the picture.

    Thanks Leovi, Keith, ordinary malaysian

    Thank you Wong, when are you coming to visit?

  8. The place seems so serene there! It is a place where one may find the peace of mind. A lovely garden also! I like especially the last photos.

  9. Beautiful place!
    Beautiful pictures, good work!

  10. Thanks traveling Hawk, it really is a peaceful place away from the usual life.

    Elena, thanks for your message and for dropping by!

  11. Hi Duncan, came over from Diane's blog in the UK and you pictures are awesome. I truly enjoyed my time here & will be following along. Have a great rest of the week.

  12. Just came by for a visit from southhamdarling and sooo glad I did. Your photos are just out of this world and it gardens are beautiful. If it is OK with you I would like to make some copies of some of them and if I need some calming down just look at them and relax. If not I'll just come back to you for the nice calming effect. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING WITH US AND SHARING THE FAT HAPPY BUDDHA. He makes me laugh every time I see him.


    rainbow (Momma Lyn)

  13. Why hello...I'm here after Diane's lovely posting about your blog and this post. How fabulous and beautiful and serene of a Temple. I would love to be there myself one day.
    I'll be your newest admirer and looking forward to many lovely reads.

  14. Fascinating and beautiful photos. It does look calm and peaceful there.

  15. Odie, thanks so much for following Diane's link and coming over here!

    Momma Lyn, you are welcome to take a few of the pictures for your personal home use. It seems everybody loves that fat happy buddha! Thanks for coming over!

    Sush, welcome to my blog! Diane is very kind to link you to my blog post. Glad you liked the pictures at this temple, perhaps you can book your next holiday here!

    Belle, thank you for visiting! It is very calm indeed, and you can just take your time and relax there during the heat of the day.

  16. Your pictures are breathtaking. And so peaceful. I studied Buddhism in college and I appreciate the beauty and serenity of such a lovely religion.

    We should all learn a great deal from it's teachings.

  17. Hi SkippyMom, thanks for coming over and taking the time to comment. The pictures were incredibly enhanced by the gorgeous weather on that particular day! I too believe we can learn many things from all of the religions of the world.

  18. Please do not use the word fat for the buddha.

    The buddha is known as Smiling Buddha/ Laughing Buddha. I am not offended or to offend anyone here. Just sharing some correct information.


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