Thursday, October 20, 2011

Felicia and Tuah's wedding reception, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

My sister-in-law, Felicia, and her husband Tuah, enjoyed a lively wedding reception at Penview Hotel in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Here are some of the photos from that night:

The ballroom

My sis-in-law, Florina Urai ensured guests signed the guestbook prior to entering the ballroom

She likes the camera too, as you'll see in a number of pictures!

My father-in-law waits to greet guests as they arrive

My mother-in-law, left, with her two sisters, Dorothy and Evelyn

Lauren waits for things to get started, with her pre-ordered KFC mashed potato. She's rather picky when it comes to food!

At the start of the event, Lauren acted as 'flowergirl', leading the bride and groom, parents and bridesmaids by gently throwing petals on the floor. She did a great job. Unfortunately the room was pitch black so the photos didn't turn out very well :(

The father of the bride gives his opening speech

The only one of my sisters-in-law who wasn't here in person was attending via Skype! Felicity Anai is currently studying in Australia, but through the miracle of the internet via ipod, she watched on as things unfolded live!

Leah was passed around amongst family relatives throughout the night. She handled it all very well! Here Urai, right, and her best friend Janice, left, pose with Leah.

Felicia and Tuah

My mother-in-law with a friend

Father-in-law with a friend

Fidelia's grandmother, Lauren and Leah's cute great-grandma! She doesn't speak English, but I really enjoyed her company as Fidelia translated her words.

The happy couple

My gorgeous wife and Leah

Soon the karaoke started with Urai and Janice:

Following them was my sis-in-law Florianna. 

She has the most amazing voice full of tone and power which filled the entire ballroom. She sang Celine Dion's "The Power of Love" and this was not karaoke. No sir. This was pure talent. I never realised she was THIS good. No words to express how good it was. It was a shame I couldn't video it, but even then, I doubt a video recording on a camera would have done her justice!

On the left is our cousin Jenny...

I managed to get in one picture during the night, which is one more than most other photographers can manage! Here I am with my picture-perfect sis-in-law, Urai:

The family began dancing

My mother-in-law's turn at karaoke

Tuah and Felicia cut the cake

Tuah attempts to pop the cork...                   

And the cork flies! Look how excited Felicia is!

Felicia and Feona Albert, two of Leah's many cousins, give Leah a big kiss


  1. love what wrote!!!!! a wonderful night indeed! thank u for being such a great photographer!

  2. Lovely post babe! Too bad we didn't stay there until it finish. :(

  3. What stunning photos Duncan, of what looks like a lovely wedding. Didn't your two little girls look gorgeous - and Fidelia of course!! I love the purple theme. There's that little great-grandma again. She really is so cute!! Thank you for sharing what looks like such a happy occasion.

  4. Anna, thanks for supporting my blog so well! I'm glad you like the pictures because I was a little nervous with my first photographing assignment with someone else's camera I didn't really know how to use!

    Fie, thanks! Our children are still so young, we sometimes forget Lauren is still only 3 - it was just too much for her. I'm glad we took care of her though!

    Diane, the theme for the reception was purple and white. Thanks for your visit. It was a lovely night and my wife's grandma is so cute!

  5. Such a lovely wedding! Congratulations to Felicia & Tuah! I wish them a blessful marriage and full of happiness!

  6. What a party and from what I could see you sure piced the right part of the world to find a beautiful wife to give you beautiful children.
    Loved all the pictures. Have an awesome weekend.

  7. Thank you so much Anna MA!

    Odie, you're spot on ;) Have a great weekend yourself!

  8. Congratulations to your sis-in-law and husband! Looked like a beautiful wedding. And your own family looks great too. Did you yourself wow them with a karaoke song?

  9. Hi ordinary malaysian, unfortunately they didn't get to hear me sing. I was strictly the event photographer, which suits me very well indeed. I'm afraid I don't have a singing voice anyway!


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