Saturday, October 29, 2011

Blog Flashbacks

Welcome to Blog Flashbacks Saturday!

The weeks seem to fly by, so here we are again. First up on Blog Flashbacks today is an essay I wrote along with my English tuition class around a year ago. The topic was on the role of elderly people and has been, quite surprisingly, a big hit on my blog ever since it was published! Check it out here:

Second up today is a beautiful collection of framed photos of the Sultan of Pahang, which were on display at East Coast Mall. I was fortunately there at the right time to catch the exhibition. Now here's your chance to see these lovely photos:


  1. I really enjoyed reading the essay, Duncan; I especially love the mention of grandparents. Growing up and living with my grandparents for all my childhood, I've learned so much from them - they've taught me the essentials about life and given me so much support. It's true that we don't always endorse the same views, but I always appreciate and value their opinions. Whenever I'm about to make a decision about something, I would always think to myself, "What would my grandparents do?"

    Ninja-ing my way through life

  2. Hi Michelle and thanks for your comments. I believe there is always something of value we can learn from the elderly. During our trip to Kuching, Fidelia's grandma related a lengthy account of the Iban history as she knew it after I asked her a question about it. That was very interesting indeed!

  3. Bonjour Duncan,
    First of all I need to say I'm delighted by the background picture and your header is really an artwork!Félicitations!
    This post is adorable full of great energies.
    It also brings me sweet memories from Brazil and my family there, thanks a lot!
    hugs and happy weekend!

  4. Thanks for visiting Leia! Glad you like the background picture, that was taken on a beautiful day in Borneo. You are quite far away from your family in Brazil, me too. My family is in England. The memories are always sweet moments!

  5. An interesting essay. You put the problem correctly, Duncan. I may say this, being in the "elderly" group. I think it was always a gap between generations but never so huge and dramatic as in our days. But I am still fighting to adjust:)

  6. Hi Duncan,
    I really enjoyed reading the essay and hope to see more of them. Hope you and your beautiful family are having a great week.

  7. Traveling Hawk, are you really in the 'elderly' category?! It is a huge gap today with all the modern technology used by the young generation.

    Odie, we're having a great week! There may be some more essays to come in the future.


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