Friday, October 14, 2011

Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, family and friends

We have been in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, located on the island of Borneo, for three full days now.

It's great to return to a place to find familiar people still there, still happy and well, still on common terms and friendships. That's what we've found here in Kuching thus far.

Fidelia's cute little grandmother meets her great-grandchildren for the first time! Fidelia's sisters, Florina, Felicia and Florianna (L-R) gather round.

Lauren and Leah's great-grandmother silently watches TV

And here she holds Leah:

Meeting old friends from my first visit to Kuching back in 2003. They still remember me and conversations we had 8 years ago. Joy.

Lauren enjoys herself at 'Sugar Bun', a restaurant near Tabuan Jaya, Kuching

She got a picture with some of the staff who couldn't keep their eyes off her!

Fidelia met up with her best friend from school, Paula:

Today we bumped into a kindergarten trip to the museum in Kuching:

Florianna loves her niece, Leah. Here we are eating KFC at the Kuching International Airport

Florianna and her nieces

Lauren and Florianna at Kuching Riverfront. More pictures of Kuching Riverfront at night will be coming in a later post.

Florina with Leah today at the Kuching aquarium:

Florina with Lauren on the way back from Damai beach, Kuching. More pictures from Damai beach will be coming soon.

It's great to be back in Kuching, my wife's hometown. What a joy it is to see family and old friends and renew acquaintance with them once more. 

Hope you're enjoying this little tour of Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia!


  1. Sounds like three incredible days to me. Thanks for sharing these precious and sweet moments with us.

    Ninja-ing my way through life

  2. Very adorable photos, especially the one by the riverfront!

  3. Hi Duncan. Yes, I am enjoying the tour! I can see that Fidelia's sisters are really enjoying spending some time with their adorable little nieces! Gosh, I can't believe just how much Leah has grown. Super photos and you are right, Fidelia's grandma is just SO cute!! Enjoy the rest of your trip my friend.

  4. The wait was worth it Duncan. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful and such happy smiles. I really enjoyed every one of the pictures and thank you for sharing them.

  5. How lovely to see the family all together again. I love the pictures of Lauren and Leah with their great Grandma. Four generations together at one time, that's quite something. That's a lovely smile from Leah with her aunty Florina. Looking forward to the rest of your Kuching posts. So glad you're having fun and meeting up with friends from the mission.

  6. It's nice to meet up with family, relations and old friends and reacquaint with everyone after some years. Kuching sounds like a nice place I should have visited last year but couldn't make it. Maybe next year. Nice family fotos and Leah has grown so much already.

  7. What a lot of beautiful babies and happy people. This looks idyllic!

  8. We definately enjoyed our blog visit here.
    Fidelia's parents must have had an affinity for the sixth letter of the alphabet.
    I can see why those fast-food employees took a shine to Lauren, she is unquestionably adorable, and those pink flip-flops don't hurt, I tell you.
    The TV, do they receive U.S, European or all kinds of channels?
    There was a storm here in America one morning and our satellite reception went kaflooey. Every channel was foreign - a rugby match,French, Spanish, German, every channel was different than our normal ones; I suppose the storm caused it.
    God bless you all this was so interesting.

  9. Det är klart att jag njuter Vilken underbar familj.
    Det måste vara himmelskt att få träffa dem alla plus alla vänner.
    Bilderna Duncan är fantastiska som vanligt.
    Ha en mysig dag där borta.
    Kramizzzz Hälsa alla ifrån oss här i Sverige

  10. A lovely family together, Duncan!

    I notice right now (may be you wrote somewhere why) that all Fidelia's sisters have name with the letter F, and your daughters with L, both of them. Is it a reason/tradition behind this!

  11. Thank you, everyone for your comments. Let me address a few of your questions.

    There is no particular reason or tradition behind naming children with the same letter of the alphabet. It's just fun!

    Secondly, our satellite TV channels here are packaged together by a company called astro, rather much like "Sky" back in England. We get all the local stuff, plus an English channel, some American and Australian programs, lots of sports, and even my wife's favourite Spanish drama!


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