Saturday, May 31, 2014

Celebrating 8th wedding anniversary at Swiss Garden Resort & Spa

Family photo by the pool at Swiss Garden Resort & Spa

We never get bored of this place. Swiss Garden Resort & Spa Kuantan is like a little piece of heaven on earth. This occasion was to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary. And we keep coming back here because the rooms are nice, the pool is great, and the beach is right there.

Never get bored of this view at Swiss Garden Resort & Spa Kuantan

This time we decided to push the boat out a little farther and go to Samsara Spa, just beside the pool, for a massage. There are a number of options to go for; we opted for the Samsara Touch package including a one-hour full-body massage at RM180++

The two masseuse gave some short instructions and left us in the room until we were ready. For a few moments I began to feel like I was Karl Pilkington from the British TV travel show "An Idiot Abroad." It was my first time having a professional massage and I was worried about having my face in the hole of the bed for an hour. Then we were given these disposable blue . . . knickers (the most suitable word that comes to mind) to wear. They were baggy and I looked stupid. I shall not be sharing the photo of me wearing them! Anyway, the massage was great and very satisfying. It was worth taking the time out to do it.

It was my turn to go swimming with the girls

Our girls made friends with these 2 waitresses during our buffet dinner. RM60++/person, the children, free

Enjoyed a night stroll around the resort before getting the children off to sleep...

Went for our customary morning stroll on the beach the following day, but it was so strikingly hot, we soon went back inside.

Poolside scene at Swiss Garden Resort & Spa Kuantan

Thank you, Swiss Garden, for another great stay. We'll be seeing you soon!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Coffee Gallery, Star City, Kuantan

Coffee Gallery is located in the Star City area of Kuantan, adjacent to Jalan Air Putih, just off Jalan Beserah. 

Coffee is not the only thing on the menu here, as a wide range of food and drinks are available for your delight.

Interior at Coffee Gallery, Star City, Kuantan

And now onto the food. Let's take a look at the menu:

First arrived our hot chocolates, beautifully presented in various patterns created in the froth.

Chicken nuggets and french fries for the children, once again presented very nicely in these fetching metal buckets:

Egg on Toast

A very delicious nasi lemak

And of course, a restaurant review wouldn't be complete without the most important room of the cafe:

The toilet is clean and has a choice of water or paper for cleaning up, with a small rubbish bin in one corner and a sink in the opposite corner. It also has some interesting posters hanging on the wall:

Monday, May 26, 2014

Teluk Chempedak video walk-thru

Teluk Chempedak is the famous beach in Kuantan. Locals and tourists alike love this place. There is a bridge which takes you over the rocks to Missionary Bay, a second beach which is not included in this video. Have a look and see why I love this place so much:


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