Saturday, July 31, 2010

Panching Waterfall

For four years we have been meaning to go to Panching Waterfall without making any commitment to do so. Our friend Raymond offered to take us there a few weeks ago and so we took up the invitation gladly. I went there with high hopes of a spectacular scene, though I'm not sure on what evidence I based that assumption.

After a drive through the jungles and past a quarry we were greeted with the following scene:

If you can't see in the picture, I was disgusted to learn that Malaysians were charged RM2 for entrance whilst for a foreigner, like myself, admittance was RM5! This had already dampened my spirits somewhat, but they were about to be drenched a short while later. 

It turned out that the Panching Waterfall was a rather boring place to be. The actual waterfall was a great sight, but apart from that, there was nowhere else to go.

Here are some pictures I took:

Love this picture!

It was so difficult to take photos here - just nothing too inspiring apart from the grand waterfall. I don't fancy playing in the water all day either; not quite my idea of fun. Well, I'm glad that we eventually got to go there, but it's a bit too far from Kuantan town to justify another visit any time soon.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Panasonic Lumix DMC-F2

We've been enjoying snapping away with our new Panasonic Lumix DMC-F2 after our old Olympus item stalled permanently in the motor department, after 3 years of service. You could say we are more than happy with our new are a few pictures:

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pahang Buddhist Association

Here in Kuantan can be found the Pahang Buddhist Association - a marble-floored temple with lush garden grounds. I do love to retreat here where the lake and grounds are flanked by a large rock face and the tranquility inside the cool shiny-floored temple is all-encompassing. We often come here during our free time where there is beautiful scenery and always a picture to be taken. Here are some images of our recent trip there:

Had to get a picture of the most beautiful scene on show!

I love this landscape shot!

What a fabulous flower!

The interior of the temple

The fish are back

This is more than just a Buddhist Temple. People of whatever religion may come here and experience a feeling of peace and serenity and likewise enjoy the stunning nature on offer. With current renovation around the gardens, this can be a great tourist pull and place of great interest. I for one never tire of visiting this holy site.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sample Essays

Starting next Monday I will be posting a sample essay every week on various subjects. I invite all Malaysian school age children to read the essay and take some ideas from it. I hope this will help you in your own essay-writing skills and in becoming a creative thinker. Please don't just copy the whole essay though, because this will NOT increase your ability to learn English! Don't cheat yourself!

I will also include my essay plans and separate the introduction, body of the writing and conclusion so you can see the format of the article. Essay writing can be easy when you work at it hard. Check back here every Monday for a sample essay.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Badminton Battle

One of the highlights of Gaz staying with us was our almost daily badminton hit-abouts around our apartment block. Ok, it wasn't on a properly marked-out court, nor was there a net to catch some of our terribly low tennis shots, but it was a great physical work-out, and lots of fun. The humidity was draining, so we often took water and 100plus with us to keep us hydrated.

Our ready photographer, Fidelia, captured some lovely images of us in action in a particularly intense exchange of hard-hitting badminton on a sunny evening. I miss these moments with Gaz!

Warmed-up with some easy forehands

Gaz got straight into the action with an overhead

Casual forehand

I hurl a cock back towards Gaz

Gaz lines one up

Gaz in action with an overhead

I belt the cock across the yard

Fie took a couple of nice close-ups of me...reminds me of a few pictures of Roger Federer from this years Australian Open...not that I'm trying to put myself in his bracket, of course!

Gaz loves this picture because he thinks he looks like Keanu Reeves off The Matrix!

Great shot of Gaz guiding a forehand down the line

Jumping for a smash

Showing off my Roger Federer service

Watching a backhand leave the strings

Gaz in action again

Gaz lining up the cock...

I almost have a collision with a rusting box!

Springing into the air for a backhand overhead, the most difficult shot in the book

Probably my favourite picture, suspended in mid-air, winding up for a big smash

Gaz weighs in with a meaty hit of his own

Nice connection...

...and follow-through

Gaz prepares for a backhand...

Look at the slice on that!!!

Knackered after a hard-fought match!


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