Thursday, July 22, 2010

Teruntum Zoo, Kuantan

We paid a visit to the mini-zoo here with Gaz and while it wasn't anything to shout out about, we still had a decent time there. It is a mini-zoo so it was rather small and there weren't many animals to really marvel at. But we did have a good feast on some tasty (but a little too oily) nasi goreng (fried rice).

Gaz, Fie and Loz wait patiently for their food

Me and tree

This bird looks like a had Gaz fooled until it eventually moved!

This honey bear came to have a look at us before sauntering off into the background

A ruefully shabby-looking peacock pecked at its plumage as we looked on

Managed to capture this speedy squirrel scrambling up the tree!

A view in the zoo

It was terribly hot and sweaty walking around this mini-zoo

Lauren looks away in disgust after falling over due to her Usain Bolt sprint past the ostriches

It wasn't dead...just napping!

Loz plays with the swings

Relaxing on a swing!

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