Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dengue Fever Hitting Kuantan

The weather is unpredictable lately, fluctuating between searing heat and chilly, prolonged downpours, from humid blue skies to overcast, dull conditions. These combinations seem to have been playing havoc with my body; I have been suffering from headaches, runny noses and a sore throat accompanied by much tiredness.

These conditions may have also contributed to the Aedes mosquito causing much trouble around Bukit Sekilau in Kuantan. The infected ones have been busy injecting victims with their poison, and dengue fever has become a serious threat to public health. In the last month, just in my apartment block in Bukit Sekilau, the health ministry has undertaken fogging exercises to exterminate the Aedes mosquitos as the number of dengue fever cases has spiralled upwards.

Here are the images of one of these fogging sessions around my home:

My orchid plant bears the brunt of the insecticide cloud

Health officers have entered our house several times to check the toilet, bathroom, kitchen and balcony for any signs of stagnant water. Aedes mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. Those who have buckets of water in their bathrooms, cups holding toothbrushes which haven't been emptied, or plant trays on their balcony are susceptible to aiding the breeding of these Aedes mosquitoes and therefore, increasing their own chances of becoming the number one targets.

It's really very simple - eliminate standing water, and avoid places where stagnant water is prevalent.


  1. Sometimes I really worry about you living there.

  2. Sometimes I really worry about you living in Leicester!


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