Monday, July 12, 2010

Taman Gelora

What a lovely place we have in Kuantan named Taman Gelora. For Kuantan folk who have always lived here, it is a place they have been to many a time before and has probably grown a little old and dull. A place that they would only visit when accompanying overseas friends or those from outstation. Some go here for jogging early in the morning or in the cooler evening hours.

I have been living here for four years now and I haven't as yet grown bored with this beautiful park. Smothered in green trees with a gem of a lake in the centre and the beach at the far end, this is a gorgeous place to take a relaxing walk as the birds sing sweetly in one continuous melody.

My family in England may have to travel hours to find an equivalent place of such beauty - I am extremely blessed and fortunate that Taman Gelora is just a 15-minute drive from home.

We recently took my brother there and came back with many pictures:

The water lily pond was stunning

A picture of tranquility, the still lake reflected the trees like a mirror

Dangling from a sturdy branch in a patch of sunlight, this rope swing provided some moments of fun in our lunchtime stroll

My favourite picture with my lovely wife

The trees line the footpath into the distance

Seized the moment noticing the three stools were set up perfectly for a picture of my little family

The beach lies beyond a multitude of trees standing straight like railings along a gate

Morning Glory lined the beach

Gaz loved the water lily pond at the entrance


  1. If I could stroll through scenery like this, I would feel like I was in paradise! Thanks for sharing these stunning scenes--and the pictures of your sweet family!!
    Ann Best, Memoir Author

  2. Thanks for stopping by Ann. There are certain places in Kuantan (Taman Gelora being one of them) that really do feel like paradise!


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