Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Everyone have a brain"

"Everyone have a brain." 

This was a sentence written by one of my students in my tuition class last week. I promptly corrected it to read "Everyone has a brain." 

I asked my student if he was sure that everyone did indeed have a brain. He replied in the affirmative; I concluded that I wasn't too sure!

Last night Hari Raya began - the month of feasting to end the month of fasting. Our neighbours, for whatever flimsy reason which probably related to preparing for Hari Raya, were banging on their wall with a hammer and then drilling at 11pm. My wife went around to have a word with them and it stopped. For a while.

Our two children were already sleeping by 11pm. At 12 midnight there was more banging and drilling. I hit the wall with my hand a few times. At 12.30am the same. After 1am when the loud drilling continued I was pretty angry as I was also trying to sleep. So I put on my clothes and stormed out of my door and banged on their door. 3 times. In my anger. Nothing. I heard them muttering but no answer. Too scared to open their door!

It finally stopped. I think they got the message. This morning my wife reported that she still heard noise at 5am. Luckily, for them, I slept through it!

So in conclusion, I don't agree that "everyone has a brain". It takes both a brain and a heart to be considerate of other people, none of which my neighbours seem to have.

Have you had to put up with noisy and troublesome neighbours?


  1. A number of years back, I lived in an apartment (for only one term of the lease) that had seriously paper thin walls. My bedroom was behind the kitchen of the next door apartment, and you could literally hear every word of conversation in the neighbours kitchen. They didn't even have to talk loudly. When the weekend and also, sometimes mid-week parties kicked off. Well. I would almost cry. Worst apartment EVER.

  2. I'm always amazed at peoples inconsideration of others! I mean it doesn't take a brain surgeon to work out that any type of loud work such as you describe, in a residence with close neighbours, shouldn't happen after say 7 or 8PM. Some people!

  3. Jag är glad att jag bor i villa för då slipper man oftast sånt här elände.
    Nej de har baske mig ingen hjärna när de bär sig åt på det viset.
    Det var ju skönt att du somnade ifrån skiten till slut.
    Ha det riktigt gott.

  4. Jag glömde.. Vilken söt bild det är på dig och din fru här under just nu.
    Kramizzz igen

  5. Unfortunately, yes. I concluded that nothing helps but patience.

  6. Noisy neighbours are the worst - looks like respect for them is a non-exist idea.
    Had some like these ones in my previous places - talking loudly till 5 in the morning, so loudly it was like they were having a conversation in our bedroom. We left and I am happy about this.
    Hope tonight you'll have a peaceful sleep.

  7. This thing happens quite often,Duncan. Malaysian neighbours think they have the right to do what they like at any time of day or night, with nary a care or consideration for their neighbours. And most of the time Malaysians are just too nice to tell the offenders off. So, it is a vicious circle and the madness goes on. It was a good thing that at least you made an effort to tell your neighbours off.

  8. I'm now facing the same problem as you. My neighbour is always drilling or pushing the chair hard on the floor around 2am-5am. These noises is making us crazy! Sometimes we have sleepless nights unless if we're too tired. I didn't go upstair to tell them they're disturbing our sleep. Wait till one day if I couldn't really take it, i'll tell them off.

  9. Karaoke is a common way to piss of the whole neighbourhood in my place. Joking. In my neighbourhood, there's an unwritten, unspoken, understanding that any house can do karaoke. We actually look at it as an entertainment in which we will sing along if it's audible enough and not to mention, to give (sometimes nasty, LOL) comments on the singing, etc. Bottom line is we enjoy it. HOWEVER, if it goes on until 1am or later, of course people will get pissed. We have some neighbours like that and at the first sign of karaoke from those houses, everyone will go 'NOOOOO!!' as if it's the end of the world.

    Btw, a help is needed. Please check out my latest post in my blog. Thank you.


  10. I have experienced "noisy neighbors" and am so grateful that my daughter and I now live in a quiet place. It's difficult to understand how some people can be so insensitive to those around them!

    The scrolling pictures across the top of your blog of gorgeous! I'm glad I dropped over here tonight to see your beautiful place. The visit has cheered me up!
    Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror, A Memoir of Shattered Secrets

  11. Thanks to everyone for the feedback. It's good to know I don't suffer alone with troublesome neighbours!

    Angel, I commented on your latest blog post already to resolve your query.

    Ann, always a pleasure to welcome you here, glad you had such an uplifting time!


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