Monday, August 8, 2011

Ramadan one-week fasting trial - Day 1


The first day of my one-week fasting trial went generally fine. I woke up before the sun and had a very early breakfast. The hunger feeling didn't arrive until around 2pm when my stomach felt distinctly empty. I had a small nap but was awoken by screaming children outside! Anyway, I felt much better afterwards and was able to complete my day's fast, although I did get very thirsty in the last few hours.

But I'm pleased to say that I resisted any urge to eat or drink, and that felt good. The most difficult part of the day, funnily enough, was after eating at the end of the day's fast. I felt bloated and uncomfortable for a good hour before things settled down again. I think a smaller meal would be better!

Instead, I have been concentrating on the purpose of my fast, and reading some Holy Scriptures to supplement it.

Over the course of this week I'll be reading the following books:

The Holy Bible. Recently we celebrated the 400th anniversary of the first publication of the King James version of the Bible.

The Book of Mormon. A fantastic page explaining the Book of Mormon. Feel free to check this out if you are not familiar with it.

The Holy Qur'an. Simply click on a chapter and away you go. In both Arabic and English.

I'm hoping that by studying these good books, I'll get more knowledge and understanding in helping me reach my goals of my fast.


  1. Dear Duncan,

    Congratulation!!I have something to share with you..

    1]Allan Cott, M.D, an American expert has written a book called 'Why Fasting"...from fasting, he has concluded that:

    a. To feel better physically and mentally
    b. To look and feel younger
    c. To clean out the body
    d. To lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels
    e. To get more out of sex
    f. To let the body health itself
    g. To relieve tension
    h. To sharp the senses
    i. To gain control of oneself
    j. To slow the aging process

    2]Dr. Yuri Nikolayev of the Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry says "what do you think is the most important discovery in our time? The radioactive watches? Exocet bombs? In my opinion the bigest discovery of our time is the ability to make onself younger phisically, mentally and spiritually through rational fasting"

    3]Alvenia M. Fulton, Director of Institute for Healthy Foods in USA, said: Fasting is the ladies best beautifier. It brings grace charm and poice. It normalizes female fuctions and reshapes the body contour

    you should find more about fasting benefit from this blog

    Good luck for your trial :)

  2. Joe, thanks for the visit and for all of this research. It's much appreciated. No wonder I'm looking so young these days!

  3. Congratulations, Duncan, for your decision! I hope you will succeed!

  4. Hi Traveling Hawk, thank you for your kind words of encouragement!

  5. Hi Duncan. I think it's really good what you are doing my friend, especially reading the religious texts to find out the true meaning of it all. Hope it goes well for the rest of the week!

  6. Good luck! and May God bless you during this holy month.. ;))

  7. Nice to read about your first day of fasting.
    I did feel the same on my first day but you will get used to it. It is definitely a good time to read the Scriptures and to feel a deeper connection with God.

    Fasting has many benefits and some would recommend a day of fasting every month. at least to clean the body.

    Looking forward reading more tomorrow.

  8. Hi Duncan..

    I like this words : "I think a smaller meal would be better!"

    Now you know it.. that is what we practice.

    Congratulation on your 1st day trial.. good luck friend..

  9. Best wishes on your fast and religious exploration.

  10. Thanks Diane, I have gotten quite a lot out of it so far!

    Anna, thank you :)

    Marie, thanks. Yes I do fast once a month, and that will always continue to be after this one-week trial.

    my day in a sentence, I don't eat when I'm fasting! But for breakfast I usually eat cereal or a nice sausage and egg sandwich, along with hot chocolate and crackers, and a drink of orange juice. For dinner afterwards, I'll have a meal with rice and chicken/fish and vegetables. Just a small meal. Then eat some more snacks around 9-10pm.

    Thanks bidik art, I did learn a good lesson there! But it's a lesson I really should have learned a long time ago. Every time after my monthly fast it's the same!

    Anthony, thank you :)


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