Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mydeal.com Part 2

A week ago I blogged about the website

Mydeal is a website which offers various deals for people all around Malaysia on numerous goods and services, most popularly, food. 

Within the last 7 days mydeal has opened up here in Kuantan, which is pretty exciting. Yesterday's deal involved 98% off a whole package at New York Skin Solutions. That deal still has 9 hours to run today. Too good to pass up! So if you're living in Kuantan, CLICK HERE to go straight to that deal.

Looking forward to more deals in Kuantan. It's certainly shrewd business!

Check out the facebook page to gain more news and information:


  1. Sounds like you'll be getting some good offers there Duncan, which is always good news. Oh, there is an Award waiting for you over at my blog today.

  2. Hello Diane, thank you for the award which I picked up today!


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