Monday, August 22, 2011

Super Singapore Part 1 - Raffles Place and Marina Bay

For four days this week I'll be sharing with you some pictures from my recent trip to Singapore.

Singapore is super.

Modern. Developed. Beautiful. Exciting. Clean. Interesting. Convenient. Civilized. Attractive.

I had a great 18 hours there. The best part was at night where I gazed across Marina Bay at the skyscrapers all lit up, and it was one awesome sight. Hard to explain in words. I'll be documenting that later this week.

Today it's about Raffles Place/Marina Bay. This is one of the most popular tourist hotspots in Singapore featuring the iconic Fullerton Hotel and mega Marina Bay Sands Hotel, amongst others.

Found this chocolate bar at a 7eleven outlet here. Tasted good!

A view of Raffles Place

A panorama of some buildings at Marina Bay

Another nice view

The Fullerton Bay Hotel, one of the many additions to Marina Bay in recent times

Another view of the Fullerton Bay Hotel

Throngs of tourists fill this area to take pictures with the Merlion

The Merlion spits water into Marina Bay

Children like to pose with the small Merlion

Love this view under a bridge slicing Raffles Place and Marina Bay

Couldn't resist this shot at the statue of naked boys jumping into the river!


  1. Singapore looks like a great place. I like the photo with the bridge.

  2. They have some amazing architecture over there! :)

  3. Undoubtedly, Singapore is a super city, super clean and efficient. I liked where the Merlion was sited originally, being close to the spot where the legendary singa (or lion, in Malay, from which Singapore got its name) was allegedly first sighted. Just opposite to the Merlion now is the Sands Casino and Hotel, if I am not mistaken. Visited the place last year. Some great pictures you have taken, Duncan.

  4. The photos are super Duncan. The one under the bridge is wonderful - very architectural.

  5. Man alive you're not kidding, Singapore is everything you say. These photographs are incredibly beautiful.

  6. Great "under the bridge" photo. Love it.

  7. Traveling Hawk, my day in a sentence, ordinary malaysian, Craig and Anthony, thanks so much for visiting and taking the time to leave a few remarks. Hope you'll enjoy Part 2!

  8. Hi mum, I didn't realise how nice that bridge picture is until a few people mentioned it :)

  9. Singapore looks like a nice place - never imagined it like this. I agree the bridge picture is awesome - perfect shot!

  10. Well thank you Marie! Singapore is like a little jewel in Asia.


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