Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ramadan one-week fasting trial - Day 2


Yesterday morning I woke up early to eat my breakfast. As I was doing so I began to think, "Oh no, I have to do this all over again today!" But I pushed these thoughts away and remembered the purposes of my fast and the importance I've attached to them.

Now would be a good time to tell you all the purpose of my fast. I have determined that the purpose of my fast will be to develop greater patience, and to apply that patience to my roles as husband and father, so that there may be improved harmony in the home.

Now patience is something I think we all seek to better about ourselves at times. Time and time again I've told myself to have more patience, but this moment of fasting appears to be the most effective in finally getting over the hurdle. It is the most meaningful improvement I'm making in my life.

I read some scriptures in the afternoon, comparing and contrasting The Book of Mormon with The Holy Qur'an. Learning snippets of truth and developing a greater personal relationship with God, requires much time and patience. There are pearls of truth to be found everywhere. Just as learning the truth requires years of patience, so too developing family relationships and harmony in the home needs time, effort and patience.

Perhaps later yesterday night I was given my first test of patience to see how well my fast was working. In the midst of a thunderstorm, which dramatically cooled things down after a hot day, someone's car alarm was triggered and continued beeping, stopping for a few seconds, beeping again, stopping, beeping. It must have gone on for over half an hour, at a time when we were trying to settle down, get the youngest to sleep, and after a long day of fasting.

My first reaction was to grumble and moan. Then I suddenly realised that this could be a mini-trial. So I told myself that I wasn't going to get angry and flustered over a simple car alarm. Instead I folded the clothes and exercised patience.

I feel that I'm being more patient with Lauren, my oldest daughter too.

P.S. I broke my fast with KFC last night, a very good way to do it!


  1. Dear Duncan,

    It is so honored for us, Muslims to know that someone like you are exploring our beautiful religion. Fasting is never easy but with such determination and praise to God, it is like eating "kacang goreng" (fried nuts) like the Malay also say.


    BTW, I could not read your post in white text that clearly. Maybe can change for better enjoyment of reading? Well, it is just a thought.

    Take care Duncan! and continue to INSPIRE =)

  2. congrat duncan...another day to go...keep it up :)

  3. Hi Raziev, It's been a long time since I've heard from you.

    Thank you for your kind remarks! I'm enjoying this fasting time. It's a challenge but bringing rewards too.

    Yes, I've noticed that some areas of the page are difficult to read and I've made a couple of changes. Hope it's better now!

  4. Hi Joe, thanks for coming again. I'll be fasting until the weekend :)

  5. Good for you Duncan. I hope that the rest of your week goes smoothly too. Best of luck!

  6. Hi Craig, thank you for your good wishes! Have a great week too!

  7. Dear Duncan,
    The meaning of fasting for Muslims is not only to starve themselves alone, they also need to control their behavior, anger, and always remember to god.
    While the things you experience yesterday (alarm beeping) is just a small trial .. hope you have patience.. keep on trying

  8. bidik art, yes you're right, it's the same for Christians - self-disciplining the body and spirit through fasting. Thanks for the visit!


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