Thursday, April 18, 2013

Keep Calm and Put it on facebook

Sometimes it seems that every single life occurrence is shared by people on facebook. Whether that's a good thing or not is up for debate. For me, facebook keeps me in touch with my family on the other side of the world so even little everyday things with the children are shared. My mum loves daily updates about her Malaysian family :)

Keep Calm and PUT it on facebook!

Do you worry about personal security on social networking sites like facebook?


  1. So true, what is modern life without FB (coming from someone not on it!:)

  2. Not really, I use it for family only and if you can't trust them.

  3. I set the privacy settings to where I'm comfortable. Still, I'm too busy to hang out at FB very often, doing things like this A to Z blog hop.
    Yours is fun.

  4. I've decided that everything I put on FB is public, so I don't really need to worry about security. I do use the private message feature, but I'm even careful about what I write there.

    Great idea for a theme!

  5. I can see that it's a great facility for you in your position but somehow Facebook just doesn't do it for me. Now Twitter on the other hand...

  6. FB is a lovely way to keep in touch with family and friends who are far and wide but if you have something you don't want everybody to know then keep it to yourself.

  7. In fact I don't have facebook, but my little kitty has one and we use it to keep in touch with our family in Brazil, it's also easy to show pictures and have a chat! :)
    Have a great weekend dear friends,

  8. For me facebook is a lifesaver! A daily dose of Duncan, Fidelia, Lauren and Leah does me the power of good.

  9. I'm trying to cut back. I don't post a lot but I do like checking in on what everyone's up to.


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