Friday, April 19, 2013

Keep Calm and Quit Smoking

Pardon my language if you are a smoker, but I think it's the most ugly, dirty and disgusting thing ever. I detest the smell of the smoke, it aggravates my asthma and I don't appreciate getting a face-full of someone else's smoke!

Please, Keep Calm and QUIT smoking!

What things do you hate?


  1. That is neat poster, Duncan. I probably say quit eating junk food ;)

  2. Duncan I did quit! Life is bliss now!
    And as an ex smoker, I DETEST second hand smoke. I actually cover my face with my shirt and walk away.

  3. Not to mention, Quite a good public health message!! Good luck as you continue this challenge:)

  4. Oh, smoking *ick, cough* I would smite a thousand cigarettes just to eat at The Kuantan Curry House - holy curry, that looks insanely good!

  5. I used to smoke in my teens. I quit before I hit 20 and find the smell equally disgusting.


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