Saturday, April 27, 2013

Keep Calm and X-Factor

American Idol has never been the same without Simon Cowell. That is to X-Factor's advantage. I love these singing competitions for two reasons - to laugh at those who are just awful in the auditions, and to laugh out loud at Simon Cowell's stunningly honest assessments of those who are awful.

You gotta have some fun somewhere, no?!

Keep yourselves Calm and X-FACTOR

Do you follow these singing shows? Which do you prefer - American Idol or X-Factor? Do you love Simon Cowell or hate him?!


  1. Sometimes I followed a contest of this kind, but I have very little time and I do not usually watch TV! Greetings.

  2. I have to say first that I love maps so I love your introductory blog image. As for the X-Factor, I have never watched it (shame on me I know) and I do have to agree with you on the American Idol minus Simon comment. I haven't watched AI since SC left!

    Cheers from Brandy at

  3. The first few seasons of American Idol were good but I lost interest in them.

  4. Duncan, I have such a difficult time watching singing competitions because I feel embarrassed when the singers are awful. The shame they experience when being criticized somehow seeps through the screen and lands on me.
    So those types of shows make me feel uncomfortable. Maybe I am really overly sensitive! Simon might be valued for his ability to criticize, but I think the world needs less critics and more nurturing types.
    I would still watch Mr. Roger's Neighborhood if it was still airing on PBS.
    Shameful, I know, but true!

  5. There's an "Arab Idol" and an Arabian version of the "X factor" too- I think they're franchised because they are exact copies of the shows. But nothing can be like Simon's priceless reactions!


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