Thursday, April 25, 2013

Keep Calm and Visit my blog

I'm a blogger. We love visits, particularly when it's accompanied by a comment. We work hard producing the material, whether written or pictorial and it feels great when readers let us know how much they enjoyed it. I'm also mindful that I have a number of 'silent followers' who read my blog often without writing any comments. I'm very thankful for them too.

Thank you to everyone who is Keeping Calm and VISITING my blog right now!

What is the most satisfying thing about blogging for you?


  1. Meeting all of my wonderful friends.

  2. Yes we do! It's always nice to have comments. Visiting from the A to Z Challenge!


  3. Sharing ideas and inspirations. Yes, it's nice to see what others think about our 'work' and that is inspirational in itself.
    Love the changes you've made.

  4. I love finding blogs and very different people from all over the world!

  5. It is awesome to get comments and feedback on posts! Great challenge so far, keep it up!


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