Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Keep Calm and Have a . . .

I don't know about elsewhere in the world, but here in Malaysia it is awfully hot and humid. On such an afternoon, a power nap is to relax and re-energise. I'm not a fan of sleeping during daylight hours, but the odd occasion I have done has been great! It's very common amongst Malaysians.

Keep Calm and HAVE a power nap!

Do you power nap?


  1. I do a few times a week. I have this horrible habit of staying up late and getting up early. I need a little nap in the afternoon in order to function!

  2. Just woken up from a nap. That was a good rest, and ready to go out into warm evening. We have a movie to Watch, hopefully no storm tonight.

  3. Duncan,
    I grew up in a family of nap taking parents. It was a natural thing to do when the skies in the north were cold and dreary.
    I also napped frequently when my kiddos were young and wearing me out. Lately, I'm not in the habit, but I do enjoy a delicious nap from time to time!

  4. Just hopped over on the A to Z after you stopped by my place. I love these "Keep Calm" posts. Simple and fun. About naps - sometimes, there is no other way to have a productive end to the day than to have a nap. Sometimes just 15 minutes will do, other times, it takes a good hour or more...maybe I should sleep more at night. LOL!

  5. I never take naps because I know I'll end up sleeping for two hours and waking up in that depressed and confused mode.

  6. Great idea! I don't often power nap, but there are days when it is a must.
    Sometimes just having a quite moment in the afternoon is enough.

  7. I like power naps! Sometimes, a short little nap makes a big difference for the productivity for the rest of the afternoon.

  8. I rarely have the time to nap but have fond memories of all the great daytime naps I took in college!

  9. If I nap too late, i end up feeling more exhausted!


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