Thursday, April 11, 2013

Keep Calm and Just do it!

For me, there is never a better time to do something than NOW. Whether it's saying 'I love you' to someone special, going for a run, or running an errand that's been put on the backburner.

I hate excuses. Excuses are weak and stagnant - exactly the opposite of who I want to be and associate with.

So "J" is for Keep Calm and JUST do it.

What is it time you started to DO?


  1. It depends on the day. Weekdays would be 6am and the weekends at 8am.

  2. Love it !

    visiting from a~z challenge

  3. If its photography I can just keep doing it for ever :)


  4. I like your blogpost. Pretty Inspiring. Keep such good posts coming!!

  5. I hate dealing with people with myriads of excuses in business. Just say you screwed up, apologize, and let's get moving...

  6. Yeah babe JUST DO IT! Time waits for no one!


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