Tuesday, June 28, 2011

An evening stroll at Teluk Chempedak beach, Kuantan

On Saturday, a few days before my parents left home for England early this morning, we went to Teluk Chempedak beach for a relaxing stroll.

Teluk Chempedak is one of my favourite places in Kuantan. It's just a 15-minute drive down the road from my house, there is sun, sea and sand, tall trees, monkeys, seashells and lots of rocks. Even better, I got to spend my time there with my family.

After McDonalds we made our way to the beach front

This is the view down the promenade at Teluk Chempedak

The low sun streaked across the sand

Photographs at Teluk Chempedak beach always stay long in the memory. Beaches are such beautiful places to capture images.

I like this picture a lot!

3 generations, born in different eras of time, all together at Teluk Chempedak beach, Kuantan.

Lauren with her grandparents

The sea was rather turbulent after the storm which finished just moments after we arrived.

Look what my mum found...

Enjoying being at Teluk Chempedak beach!

Lauren being cute

Me and my beautiful daughter, Lauren

Found a tree washed up on shore...

View of the Teluk Chempedak shoreline in one direction...

...and the other...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Family pictures

Fidelia's mum with Leah

...and Lauren

Our mums with our children

My dad joins the picture here. We decided to put the oldest person in the middle! Haha!

Three generations in one picture; my wife, her mum and our children...

And me with my parents and our children...

And finally a whole group picture

Good times when the family visits. Fie's mum went back to KL this morning while my parents' 3-week holiday here will come to an end this coming Tuesday when they begin their journey back to England in the early morning. We've had a great time together and hopefully my parents have been able to fit 3 years of fun into 3 weeks. That's pretty difficult, but They've had a lovely time with us and Lauren and Leah. And there's always Skype to keep us connected each weekend.

With the marvel of the internet, the distance never seems so great!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nature in Bukit Sekilau

For me, a walk around my little neighbourhood of Bukit Sekilau is a great delight, a stress-reliever and an opportunity to get the camera in action. There is just so much beauty all around, on every street, each front garden, at every turn. Here are some of the images I captured on a recent saunter around the streets of Bukit Sekilau:

I discovered this curious "hairball" growing up a fence across the road. It looks magical!

The hairs stand up on the stems with golden tips

This particular flower always behaves well in front of the camera...

Notice the bug hovering in towards the flower, about to make a landing.

These leaves look so good I could almost eat them!

This flower enjoys the last rays of sunlight before the night begins...

I love the magnificent red colour of the flower basking in the evening sun, against the dull background...

A bug helps to transport pollen from this flower in its efforts to procreate...

A very thorny avenue!

Simple construction - aesthetically beautiful

Fiery hibiscus hides behind a green leaf...

Wishing everyone a blissful weekend full of life, love and colour!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"each a cup"

Recently, a new "each a cup" outlet opened in East Coast Mall, Kuantan. My wife was the one who decided to try it out first. I'm so glad she did because now I keep going back for more!

I must admit I was a little bemused about the name of the outlet - each a cup - it didn't quite make full sense to me. But after tasting the drinks I realised it didn't matter what the name was!

"each a cup" is a beverage outlet which has a stunning array of drinks to choose from. Just look at those lists on the menu!

I have taken great pleasure in the peppermint flavours, including peppermint oreo and peppermint smoothie. Today I had to try the Lover Fruit Yoghurt drink which is actually a green mango number, and that was great too. 

Wow, no words to describe how good they taste, especially when I'm walking home under the hot sun with one of these cool beverages being slowly sipped. The very affordable price of between RM3-4 is another attraction.

So I'd like to say well done to "each a cup" for providing quality drinks and hardworking and friendly staff at the East Coast Mall, Kuantan outlet.

Check out their website HERE

I highly recommend these drinks to anyone in Malaysia!


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