Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"each a cup"

Recently, a new "each a cup" outlet opened in East Coast Mall, Kuantan. My wife was the one who decided to try it out first. I'm so glad she did because now I keep going back for more!

I must admit I was a little bemused about the name of the outlet - each a cup - it didn't quite make full sense to me. But after tasting the drinks I realised it didn't matter what the name was!

"each a cup" is a beverage outlet which has a stunning array of drinks to choose from. Just look at those lists on the menu!

I have taken great pleasure in the peppermint flavours, including peppermint oreo and peppermint smoothie. Today I had to try the Lover Fruit Yoghurt drink which is actually a green mango number, and that was great too. 

Wow, no words to describe how good they taste, especially when I'm walking home under the hot sun with one of these cool beverages being slowly sipped. The very affordable price of between RM3-4 is another attraction.

So I'd like to say well done to "each a cup" for providing quality drinks and hardworking and friendly staff at the East Coast Mall, Kuantan outlet.

Check out their website HERE

I highly recommend these drinks to anyone in Malaysia!


  1. Wow, that's really freat, Duncan! Especially when there are 33 degrees outside, like here:)

  2. What a good idea, Duncan! I'm sure that would go down very well here in England as well. Such a novel idea. I can imagine how you need your refreshing drinks in the heat over there!

  3. Sounds's not that it's so hot here but would love to taste them!

  4. After one purchases ten drinks, one can obtain a free one. I think I'll get that today!

  5. Duncan !
    Don't recall any encounter in nearby shopping malls ... will surely try ! thanks ...

  6. WOW! Will sure drop by if I am around the corner!

  7. A good place to visit in summer. I guess it's like an ice cream parlor.

  8. WCW and FGF, do keep an eye out for them!

    Leovi, yeah I guess it's like an ice-cream parlour with all the choices you could wish for!


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