Sunday, June 26, 2011

Family pictures

Fidelia's mum with Leah

...and Lauren

Our mums with our children

My dad joins the picture here. We decided to put the oldest person in the middle! Haha!

Three generations in one picture; my wife, her mum and our children...

And me with my parents and our children...

And finally a whole group picture

Good times when the family visits. Fie's mum went back to KL this morning while my parents' 3-week holiday here will come to an end this coming Tuesday when they begin their journey back to England in the early morning. We've had a great time together and hopefully my parents have been able to fit 3 years of fun into 3 weeks. That's pretty difficult, but They've had a lovely time with us and Lauren and Leah. And there's always Skype to keep us connected each weekend.

With the marvel of the internet, the distance never seems so great!


  1. Beautiful family photos you have shared with us today, Duncan. Leah always looks so happy! The new addition is filling out nicely! I'm sure your mum and dad will miss the little ones when they go back home but, as you say, with the wonder of the internet, it brings people much close together.

  2. Hi Duncan .. fantastic times being had by all - great memories .. enjoy the last couple of days .. Hilary

  3. Those are really wonderful family photos. Time really flies. Soon you parents will be back in England. Hope you have had a wonderful time with them. Lauren always looks so happy!

  4. A beautiful family together!I also speak weekly by Skype, with my son in Canada. It's not like the real thing but it surely helps:)

  5. A much happier post than the last one I read!

  6. These precious family photos. Endearing and full of joy and happiness.

  7. I love family photos. They should really be taken often, because one day they will help us to remember the ones who have passed on. And it's always good to remember happy times.


  8. Your family photos are beautiful - I am sure your parents are going back home with a big bunch of lovely and amazing memories.

  9. Duncan, rectify your profile: you have two daughters now:)

  10. One big happy family! So sweet! Life is complete!

  11. Thisisme, the new addition is Leah, so I think you mean Lauren who is always looking so happy!

    Hi Anna, we love it too!

    Thanks Hilary, we had a great few days before their departure.

    ordinary malaysian, we had a great time and it does go by very quickly

    Traveling Hawk, it does help a lot! It 'melts the miles', as my mum likes to say! And yes, I have rectified the profile message! Thanks :)

    Alex, you're right, it was nice to have this happy post! That hospital got me so mad :/

    Yes Leovi, these were happy times!

    Misha, I agree. I've been taking so many pictures of my children from the moment they were born and I'm sure it will continue throughout their lives. Learning of our ancestors is something I particularly enjoy and pictures are great tools in doing that.

    Marie, yes they surely are. They had a great time with Lauren, their first granddaughter, and then being here to see the arrival of Leah, their second!

    FGF, there is a wonderful 'complete' feeling as our family grows!

  12. Ah, its lovely to have family around!! Especially when you live in different countries, hope your folks have a fab time in Malaysia! Good times!

  13. Hi Talei, we had a lovely time together in Malaysia! 3 weeks went by so fast!


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