Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nature in Bukit Sekilau

For me, a walk around my little neighbourhood of Bukit Sekilau is a great delight, a stress-reliever and an opportunity to get the camera in action. There is just so much beauty all around, on every street, each front garden, at every turn. Here are some of the images I captured on a recent saunter around the streets of Bukit Sekilau:

I discovered this curious "hairball" growing up a fence across the road. It looks magical!

The hairs stand up on the stems with golden tips

This particular flower always behaves well in front of the camera...

Notice the bug hovering in towards the flower, about to make a landing.

These leaves look so good I could almost eat them!

This flower enjoys the last rays of sunlight before the night begins...

I love the magnificent red colour of the flower basking in the evening sun, against the dull background...

A bug helps to transport pollen from this flower in its efforts to procreate...

A very thorny avenue!

Simple construction - aesthetically beautiful

Fiery hibiscus hides behind a green leaf...

Wishing everyone a blissful weekend full of life, love and colour!


  1. Some really nice and well taken pictures. I remember that as a kid my friends and I would sometimes go catch bumble-bees to sell to the Chinese medicine shops for 5cents(which was quite a big sum then)a bee. We would watch for a bee to land and had its head inside the mouth of the morning glory and quickly cover the flower with a transparent plastic bag! We got stung sometimes but once you got the hang of it, it wasn't so difficult to catch the bees. Pretty exciting and profitable too for a kid. But I don't recommend it.

  2. WoW! You've surpassed yourself with these shots, Duncan. They are amazing. I loved them all, and I can quite see why you enjoy your strolls through such beauty. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Excellent shots. Fancy seeing all that colour on an evening stroll. Actually I'm not too sure about that hairball near the beginning. It looks like it's going to detach itself and crawl towards you any minute!

  4. No wonder you like your surroundings, with all these wonderful flowers. They made good shots!

  5. ordinary malaysian, the only thing we ever did was run away from bees! We never had a thought of catching them for anything!

    Thisisme, thank you so much, I do feel like going for another stroll today :)

    Rosalind, I was a little apprehensive when photographing that hairball so close-up. I thought it may spray some weird itchy stuff all over me!

    Traveling Hawk, thanks!

  6. Amazing pix. Love your eye for details.

  7. Fantastic blogging, Duncan! :)

    The "hairball" you've seen is an interesting edible fruit. Some local chinese call them "the mouse that steals the melon". With some imagination, it's easy to undertsand why such a peculiar name was given. :)

    The next time you see one, try finding those that have ripened with orange berries within.

    It tastes somewhat like a cross between passionfruit and mango.


  8. Hi JK, and thanks for your visit.

    As for that hairball, I had assumed it was some kind of weed as it was just crawling up a fence and was later taken down.

    I am intrigued and I'll be looking out for more of them in the future!


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