Saturday, June 4, 2011

Federer defeats Djokovic at French Open as both players return to usual selves

Roger Federer, the greatest player in history, rolled back the years to produce a vintage display of tennis to destroy Novak Djokovic's perfect start to the year.

The Swiss master did it in style with terrific groundstrokes and a solid backhand throughout, the one place that has in the past, broken down under pressure.

At Roland Garros yesterday, Federer's backhand was on song as he hit winners, slice shots which caused Djokovic all sorts of problems, and forced errors from the usually clean Serbian's racquet.

Federer wrapped it up in 4 sets after surviving a Djokovic comeback in the 3rd and 4th sets, breaking Djokovic as the Serbian served to take the match to a 5th set at 5-4.

Federer served well throughout the contest and returned Djokovic's serves with precision and depth. 

At the end of the contest, which finished at 9:37pm local time in rapidly fading light, Federer gestured that he is the true number one. It sure felt great!

Check out these video clips from youtube:

The first clip in this video must be the point of the championship, a wonderful Federer backhand winner!

Here is match point for Roger Federer as he aces Djokovic, accompanied by a fitting piece of music...


  1. It sure was worth it staying up til 4am watching this match! I was nervous at the start of the match. After Roger won 2 sets I was feeling a bit better and then Djokovic took the 3rd set and looked like going to take the 4th, I was bobbing myself again! Come on Roger! You're the MAN! His perfect backhand shots made the different! I'm loving it! Looking forward to the final babe! <3

  2. Thanks for staying up with me even at 9 months pregnant! Our new baby has had a pre-birth head-start in tennis!

  3. Hi duncan .. that's some staying power - good luck to you both with the birth .. sounds imminent ..

    I hope I get a chance to see some of the match at some stage today .. saw a bit of the Murray-Nadal match .. frustrating! Sounds a great match though and good to see Federer back in full song ..

    Cheers Hilary

  4. The Spanish people are very happy, and Nadal is the Number One Tomorrow will be the final.

  5. I like the third photo very much.

  6. Hi Duncan. Methinks you're a big fan of Federer!!! I'm quite partial to Nadal myself! Gosh, nine months pregnant. The birth must be pretty soon then. Hope all goes well for your beautiful wife and look forward to seeing photos of the new baby! (Now I know why your mum and dad are coming out!).

  7. There's quite a split in support today between Federer and nadal. It will be a great final!

    That 3rd picture is great isn't it?!

    Will be keeping you all up to date with the birth of the new baby in the coming weeks!


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