Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 2 with my parents in Kuantan

Lauren is really making the most out of 3 weeks with my parents, which has just gone past the two-day mark! Lauren is playing football with my dad, reading books with my mum, playing with all sorts of toys with them, drawing, colouring and basically tiring them out! I'm tired just observing! Where do young children get all their energy from?

Lauren placed a "chef's hat" on grandad's head!

And a couple of family pictures last night:


  1. Definitely great memories! Your family photos are so beautiful and you all look so happy!

    PS: By the way I never found out where children get this amount of energy! Unbelievable sometime.

  2. Wonderful, Duncan! Keep this in mind as a very precious time of your life!

  3. Your daughter is so lovely. I feel for your parents having their grand daughter so many miles away. None of mine are more than 100 miles away but I still miss watching them grow up. Thank goodness we have Skype. I hope your parents have a wonderful rest of visit and a safe journey back.

  4. wow... your daughter is really really really cute...

    well I dont think there is something so shocking about it both parents are hotties...

  5. I'm convinced that young children have an extra chemical in their brain that provides an abundance of energy. That chemical seems to phase out over time. For me, it was extinct around 25.

  6. Nice pictures, a very happy family.

  7. Gorgeous photos today Duncan! It's really lovely for your little girl to be spending some time with her grandma and grandpa (forgive me, I don;t know what she calls them!), and I bet your parents are having a wonderful time - if tiring!! Do hope you're recovering from your upset stomach.

  8. Great pics, I see how much your daughter has changed since the first picture I saw of her! Amazing! :)

  9. Marie, I guess the search is still on!

    Traveling Hawk, yes I will. My parents come about once every 3 years.

    Rosalind, I also feel a bit bad for them but they are definitely making the most of Lauren through this visit and through Skype as you mentioned :)

    strawberry princess, everywhere we go, people tell Lauren how cute she is...she's finding it difficult!

    Paul, I'm in agreement!

    Yes Leovi, things are going very well :)

    Thisisme, thankfully my upset stomach is now a thing of the past! Lauren calls them grandma and grandad and yes, she's tiring them out!

    Barbara, where does the time go?!


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