Monday, June 13, 2011

Bukit Sekilau gardens

Both my dad and I love to get out the house and go for walks. Bukit Sekilau in Kuantan is a nice place to go for walks and there's always lots of things to see and much beautiful scenery. Follow our steps as we sauntered around Bukit Sekilau yesterday.

The new Zenith Hotel and Menara Putra can be seen in the distance while the green foreground buzzed with insect noises

A troop of monkeys darted over a house roof as my dad and I looked on:

Scenery at the Bukit Sekilau hill

Nice house in Bukit Sekilau

These red dragonflies seemed to be following us around everywhere!

My dad was fascinated with both the quality and quantity of these bonsai trees:

A portal of white-speckled leaves beckoned the camera lens nearer...

This is such a beautiful leaf

This ball of red fur was awfully appealing to the camera!


  1. would also take a walk there, with great pleasure! It's an enchanting place. And there are monkeys too! (you know my "affinity" to them:), from my India posts)

  2. Photos are great memories of a lovely walk I guess. Your place looks like a wonderful one! Makes me want to travel.
    Have a lovely day!

  3. Wonderful scenery, great photos, I love those monkeys on the roof. Greetings.

  4. u also a teacher? i tot u're working with Zenith Hotel..what make u travel and stay here?

  5. Beautiful scenery, love the palms and banana trees and the monkeys. Very different.

  6. Looks like a great place to take a walk! I can see myself getting lost in nature like that for hours.

  7. Good that you're spending some good time with your dad and getting out and about to see all these lovely things. The ball of red fur made for some good pics, and I liked the red dragonflys.

  8. I can almost smell Bukit Sekilau from the pictures. Thanks. Have not been to Kuantan for quite some years now. Teluk Chempedak holds pleasant memories for me. But am not familar with Bukit Sekilau.

  9. Yes Traveling Hawk, I remember the monkeys well from your India posts! Always interesting animals.

    Thanks Marie!

    Hi Leovi, the monkeys are a popular favourite!

    JaJa'Z, thanks for visiting. I've replied your questions on your blog :)

    anthony, thanks, Malaysia is full of nice surprises on the nature front!

    Yes Paul, it'd be one of those rare occasions where being lost would be quite nice!

    Thisisme, it's really nice to have 3 weeks with my parents, seeing that they only make it out here once every 3 years! We're making the most of our time!

    ordinary malaysian, Bukit Sekilau is not really a distinguished place in Kuantan, but it does hold some wonders!

  10. The red ball fur flower/plant looks really appealing. I love walking too in our village.

  11. Yes Rizalenio, it certainly caught my eye!


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