Friday, June 3, 2011

Aerial View of Kuantan

When we stayed at the Zenith Hotel back in January of this year, I woke up early to capture a terrific sunrise. I also explored the hotel for a while and found this great view of a section of Kuantan, taken from the 9th floor:

The only difference now is the yellow walls of East Coast Mall, which are being painted a very light brown. Lauren always remarks how she misses the 'yellow' East Coast Mall!


  1. Hi Duncan .. beautiful photos - love seeing them. How wonderful your parents are coming over to see you .. enjoy their visit ..

    I hope to watch some of the French Open this pm when I'm with my mother .. cheers Hilary

  2. Magnificent cityscape. Greetings

  3. Hilary, we are all excited for their arrival! I'm hoping for a couple of exciting matches at the French Open this afternoon!

    Hi Leovi, thank you :)

  4. Definitely a great view!

  5. This aerial view presents an aerated town, with lot of gren, Duncan. It surely is a pleasant place.

  6. Love your pictures! It's so interesting to see such a very different part of the world to the one in which I live! I also like the way your blog looks!

  7. Hi Duncan. I love watching tennis, I must admit. It will be Wimbledon here in England later this month. Lovely news that your parents are coming over to visit you. How long will they be staying? Enjoy your weekend my friend.

  8. WOW! Never see Kuantan from this angle before!

  9. What a great photo - I am dying to go back to Malaysia!

  10. Fantastic view! I love exploring hotels and discovering treasures like this :)

  11. what a great aerial shot!

  12. Thanks Marie

    Traveling Hawk, it is a very nice place indeed!

    My friend in Turkey (sorry I don't know your name!), thank you for dropping by to Kuantan. I'm happy to show you this part of the world :)

    Thisisme, my parents will be staying for 3 weeks, to help look after my daughter while my wife and I will be in the hospital. I'm really looking forward to Wimbledon!

    FGF, it's a good angle isn't it? A new hotel gives us many new things!

    Hazel, next time you come, have a little visit to Kuantan!

    Lynda, it is exciting to explore a hotel. I always wonder if they have cameras in the corridors watching us!

    Thanks nutschell! I'm enjoying your pictures from England.


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