Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 4 with my parents in Kuantan

Day 4 was a slow starter. My wife is now just one week away from giving birth. The date of June 18th has been set when she will be induced and the new baby will enter the world. She's taking plenty of rest. We're all excited but at the same time, can't really believe we're going to be joined by another human life in a weeks' time!

We went out to Kamdar at 3pm yesterday so we could find some material for my mum, and perhaps a belt for my dad, whose shorts are falling down a little!

The following scene inside Kamdar is probably heaven on earth for my mum. She loves materials, sewing, knitting, cross-stitch etc etc. She loved this:

She eventually found some yellow and purple material perfect for what she wants to do. Meanwhile, I tried on a few items of clothing, and when I save up a bit of money I'd love to return and make them my own!

This particular coat was the comfiest I've ever worn, cool and lightweight. You're lucky I'm revealing these new fashion trends right here on blogger! (coughing slightly)

Later in the day we popped over to Carrefour and I introduced my parents to Butterscotch bread:

This stuff is delicious!

Finally, a long-overdue sign in blue which translates as 'don't you feel guilty throwing rubbish out your vehicle?'

Doesn't this just highlight how low we've dropped, that we need a sign to tell us not to litter?!


  1. Nice threads, man. I work at a fashion college; I am going to update my classes on the newest Kuantan trends.

  2. A funny series of photos, of which I like first the best! Those fabrics are wonderful, no wonder your mum loved them!

  3. Another one from my friend's facebook "tak bersalah ke potong Q?"

    I guess we have dropped down low.

  4. Beautiful and fun photos. I imagine it'll be expectant before the new baby. My best wishes. Greetings.

  5. A nice post, I assume "Kamdar" is a department store. That butterscotch bread, I guess it is a sweet bread like raisin bread.
    Best wishes for your spouses and impending childs health.

  6. Haha Missed Periods, I'm sure they'll be amazed!

    Traveling hawk, it was like some sort of paradise for my mum - I was equally amazed!

    Anna, we have dropped terribly low :(

    Hi Leovi, thanks for the well wishes

    Anthony, Kamdar is a clothing store, and I definitely want to buy a few items from there. Thanks for the well wishes.


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