Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bukit Sekilau Field

As I look out my bedroom window in Bukit Sekilau, Kuantan, I am presented with a decent view of the playing field.

In the (very early) mornings, women come to listen to meditative music whilst doing their pre-dawn stretches and exercises. As the first light of day emerges from the horizon, more people come out to walk around the field, do some light jogging or look at the birds in the trees.

The field is empty during the day time from lunch until 5pm as the sun is just too hot. I used to take my daughter Lauren out for walks under the shady trees on the field when she was a few months old up until around 2 years.

From 5pm until dusk, numerous children flood the field playing football with all their youthful energy. Some can't take the humidity and end up sitting on the grass watching as the others run around.

I walk around the field at 6pm most evenings as this is the time which is best for taking photographs. The sun is setting low in the sky and the glow is golden. It creates beautiful scenes and images.

Here is the field in Bukit Sekilau, Kuantan:


  1. Lovely photos - I particularly liked the last four. I loved the way you described the field, with all its different happenings from very early mornings until dusk. Hope you're having a lovely weekend. I expect your wife will be glad when it's all over now, especially as it's so hot!

  2. A lot of personality to that park. Great photos!

  3. Thisisme, my wife will be glad when the baby comes out. The doctor set the date of 18th June for her to give birth!

    Alex, thank you for dropping by!


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