Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fluctuating weather

Human beings love talking about the weather, and I'm no different. The weather acts as a convenient topic to begin a conversation with either friends or new acquaintances. Do you realise how often you mention the weather in your conversations with others?

In Kuantan, as indeed in all Malaysia, the weather is a 'hot' topic. But during the months of November and December, we have witnessed severely fluctuating weather patterns.

Check out the first example, from November 2011:

I started off cycling from home in clear blue skies. But after just a couple of minutes, the wind really picked up and began blowing in some grey clouds over the convention centre and Putra Zenith . . .

Cycling became suddenly really tough as the gusty winds pushed me back. I looked over my shoulder and saw this:

The beautiful sunny day was quickly turned into a dull, ferociously windy, stormy day. Thankfully I managed to get home before the downpour came!

This picture was taken a couple of days later as the monsoon rains slowly crept their way in to Malaysia - the sound of the rain reverberating on the old tin roofs produces such a heavy din, yet I find it hugely peaceful and calming.

But the rains come and the rains go, and we were about to witness the other end of the weather spectrum . . .

Still in November, we experienced a sudden change to striking heat, as shown on this beautiful day:

Shortly after these gorgeous holiday-weather skies, we sat in the Vistana Hotel gazing out at the pouring rain filling Kuantan with a hazy appearance.

We had four days of continuous monsoon rain last week, and then suddenly on Sunday, the weather changed to this beautiful day with fluffy white clouds against a blue sky. And it was very hot.

How is the weather where you are?


  1. Excellent pictures, in Spain now have a very sunny but cold, between 5 ° and 10 ° Celsius. Greetings.

  2. hahaha.. you should come to Moscow!! It's +3C today, -8C tomorrow and +1C the next day.. first it snows, then the snow became slushes, then the temperature drops again the slushes became deadly ice on the roads... annoying annoying weather!!! goes on the whole winter except for the peak which the weather will fall on average -25C! -____-"

  3. Your photos are beautiful, we can feel the changes in the air.
    Here it's winter, so very cold. Thought yesterday some parts of the country had winter showers and snow, the wind was heavy. Today it's back to normal but temperatures are going down.
    Enjoy the sun if he is still out!

  4. North Carolina is also unique in that during this time of year you may wake up to freezing 32 degrees and need the A/C in the car by afternoon. Rain is seldom seen during all of this and I do love the crystal clear night sky when I get up in the dark to make my commute to work. The stars are awesome. Loved your pictures a lot.

  5. The weather certainly gives us plenty to talk about, this autumn it has been flooding for us both in Thailand and Italy!

  6. Great photo-journalism of the Kuantan (Malaysian) weather, Duncan.

  7. Cold! Grey! Miserable! Well you DID ask!

    Love the photos but those are pretty heavy showers of rain you have there.

  8. Weather like this can be fun. Kind of like surprise.

  9. I love hot when I want the clothes to dry and I love the rain when I want to sleep at night! :D

  10. Leovi, it's hard to imagine Spain being cold! It was always the perfect holiday destination for us in England.

    Hi Anna, I've gone through all those sub-zero temperatures and snow turning to slush and then ice for over 20 years in England. It's absolutely disgusting weather isn't it?!

    Hi Marie, the forecast for UK is gusty and cold with some snow. Wrap up warm!

    Odie, you have a very early start to the day. It's nice to catch the early morning sky and sunrise.

    Oh dear Linda, let's hope it picks up!

    Thanks ordinary malaysian. Sometimes random photographs can be put together into a nice little series :)

    Hi Ros, so not much is changing on the weather front in England then?!

    Hi Randy, the only problem here is that the swift changes in weather don't do your body any good. Frequently get sick during these unstable times.

    Fidelia, unfortunately we can't tell the weather when to rain and when to be hot!


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