Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Enjoying the sun

I took Lauren out for a play on the park on Sunday. 

With all the rain we've been having of late, we decided to take advantage of the sunny afternoon which presented itself.

We didn't stay for long as the sun was so pulsating. We live in a country of extremes: it's either tipping it down with rain making going out impossible, or it's burning hot, making any time out very brief!


  1. Hi Duncan. First of all, I love your Holy header photo! It must have been lovely for little Lauren to go to the park with you, if only for a short spell. Lovely photo of the two of you. I expect she is getting really excited about Christmas now! (I assume you do celebrate Christmas over there?).

  2. Wow, it's the same here in Melbourne, where we are known to have four seasons in one day! It could be really cold in the morning, but absolutely scorching in the afternoon! Good to see you and Lauren enjoying the sun though, even for a while :)

    Ninja-ing my way through life

  3. Great picture and she is so cute with the Minny Mouse outfit on. Hope you really enjoyed the break in the rain.

  4. That beautiful picture and good weather, see you happy.

  5. Fie, it's hot then cold, hot then cold!

    Diane, we do celebrate Christmas here in Malaysia, though for most people (Muslims being the majority here) it's just another holiday. So it's a bit different to celebrating in Christian-dominated countries.

    Michelle, this fluctuating weather is really difficult to handle at times!

    Odie, Leovi, Randy, thanks for your comments. The rain is a welcome relief from the heat, nut only for so long!


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