Thursday, December 15, 2011

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree . . .

With Christmas Day just ten days away, I'm sharing some pictures of our house, the Christmas tree being the focal point:

We have a few presents waiting under the tree

What would Christmas mean without a reminder of Jesus Christ, whose birth into the world is the entire reason we celebrate CHRISTmas?

And here is the imposter. I feel a bit strange having a picture of Jesus and a Santa Claus advent calendar almost side-by-side. It is nonetheless a lovely advent calendar. Thanks to my mum for sending that over a few Christmases ago!

And here is Mr. Bean. Mr. Bean however, has nothing to do with Christmas - it's just that Lauren decided to hang him on the tree! Makes it interesting :)

Had to snap a picture of my new favourite ornament - the vase!

A flurry of warm lights on the tree. Oh no, the imposter again!

We started off with one Christmas tree . . . 

Then we went for two . . .

We got a little greedy and had three!

If you are not Christian, do you still celebrate the real reason behind CHRISTmas, or is it just another holiday to you?
If you are Christian, does the pull of Santa distract you from the birth and life of Jesus?


  1. I always make sure that I remember the real meaning of Christmas! :D

  2. I like your Christmas tree :) I also dressed mine already, I just need a better camera to take some pictures.

    Mr Bean looks really good - just hangin' around! :D

  3. Precious ornaments, to live a delicious Christmas surrounded by color and joy.

  4. Thanks for the tour of your beautiful home. Every year it seems to get tougher for me to deal with people, mostly family that get caught up in the buying of too many things for people we really don't even know that well just because it will be Christmas. Whatever happened to helping a needy family or reading the Christmas story together as a family? I long for simpler and slower times. Your blog brings a bright spot into my days and for that I thank you.

  5. What lovely Christmassy photos for us today Duncan! It all looks very festive and, as a christian, I shall certainly be remembering the real purpose of Christmas. I love how the Christmas tree is reflected like that. So pretty. Thank you for sharing your home with us today. Lauren must be getting pretty excited now, especially with all those presents on display!! I wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas my friend.

  6. Your home is looking very Christmassy and presents under the tree already. I must get ours wrapped! the real meaning of Christmas is important to me I hate the way it is so commercial these days.

  7. the real christian belief is that jesus was born on that day but as a true christian, you should not celebrate it with trees or tinsel or presents. even jesus did not get presents on his bday, he got them 2 years later when the kings finally found his house. see how people twist things to make some money? so that we will all run out and get gifts and get into debt...but how is that showing God respect? i think if christians want to really celebrate it they should all head down to the church on the 25th and not be gathered around a plastic tree.

  8. Good on you Fidelia!

    Hi Barbara, thanks, glad you like the Mr. Bean decoration!

    Thanks Leovi

    Odie, it's a pleasure having you visit my blog. I also prefer the quieter Christmas!

    Diane, yes, Lauren is way excited and counting down the days to Christmas!

    Linda, the commercialism has really taken over hasn't it?

    Aisha, thanks for your comment. It's been a while since I've heard from you. Christmas trees are a tradition dating back to the 16th century but their real purpose is disputed. We have trees in our homes because they look nice. Who's to say we can't decorate a tree and put it in our home. It doesn't necessarily have anything to do with Jesus, though one account of Christmas trees goes that they represent a tree of paradise from the Garden of Eden, celebrating the first people, Adam and Eve, and the Saviour's redemption.

    As far as is recorded in the Holy Bible, the three kings did indeed make it to the place where Jesus was born, on time, and did indeed present their gifts to him. The baby Jesus was given gifts, and he in turn would later offer the great gift of redemption and eternal life to the entire human family. Hence, the giving and receiving of gifts are deeply rooted in the birth and life of Jesus Christ.

    Christians do head down to the church, particularly if it falls on a Sunday. If it doesn't, churches still hold a special Christmas service, and I also gather my family round on Christmas Eve, to study the gospel of Jesus Christ and worship God.

    We're not as bad as you think we are, Aisha :)

  9. I am not a Christian. But at heart what else can we all be but be God conscious? But I have read a lot about the holiday, with some saying Christmas is actually a pagan holiday. But, who cares! It is the spirit in which it is celebrated that counts. Remember the divine is always joyous, not dour. For me, Christmas always bring a sense of joy and sharing and celebrating and remembering that we are all human beings. I love the Christmas songs, esp Silent Night and Joy To The Way. Nice Christmas tree(s) and deco you have there, Duncan. Am sure Lauren must be so happy!

  10. Hi ordinary malaysian, thanks so much! Lauren is very happy and it's lovely to see her so excited. I'm glad you enjoy the Christmas season. Jesus' life and teachings are not just for Christians but for all who will accept them. Enjoy this season of good will and giving!


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