Friday, December 30, 2011

Top Posts of 2011 - Part 3

Part 3 of my Top Posts of 2011 go through the months of January - April. Here are some of our best moments . . .

1. Right at the start of the year I compiled my top ten photographs of 2010 which I enjoy doing at the end of every year.

2. In January we had a most lovely stay at The Zenith Hotel courtesy of the General Manager. It had only just opened it's doors so we were among the first to see around the hotel and a short while later, stay there for a night.

3. I am a sufferer of headaches and migraines, and it is not at all pleasant, in fact it can be highly debilitating. So my blog post about headaches and migraines was long overdo and it was responded by some very positive comments.

4. In March there was a large fire just down the road which we first smelt, then viewed from the window, then I had to go down there and get some closer pictures. This image was the most enduring, with the young children looking excited in front of the huge flames:

5. During the month of April I took part in the April A-Z blogging challenge, which was one big highlight for me. I gained a wealth of new followers and comments, and good things happened during that month. I particularly enjoyed blogging about the letter 'X' for "xenodocheionology" which was a popular and unique 'X' post.

So that's the highlights of the blogging year done and dusted. The next thing will be my top ten photos of 2011 which will be coming soon.

Have a very happy new year wherever you are!


  1. This was fun Duncan clicking on all the links and being able to see so many of your photographs. I enjoyed them all very much.

  2. Lovely lotus flower! I had the luck to see a lot of them in bloom in my recent trip to Thailand.

    It's good to remind what you did during the year...

  3. That flower looks as if it's being lit from behind - amazing. The fire looks rather scary and as for xenodocheionology, I'm certainly not one. I must be a phobodocheionol (what do you think? Does it work as a word?). I hate staying in hotels and would much rather be at home.

  4. I've just checked out your xenodocheinology post and either I have a split personality or I was just being polite because I didn't know you very well back then. I said that I loved hotels too. Sorry. You must think me very shallow now but as I've just said, I don't love them at all.

  5. I stopped to see what is new, and to wish you and yours a wonderful New year--all the best to you in 2012. The I read about your participation in the A-Z blogging challenge. I am participating this year--and looking forward to it! :-)

  6. So glad to have met you this year, Duncan. Looking forward to your posts in the new year!

  7. Hi Odie, well thank you for taking some time to click the links and have a browse around. Thank you for your regular visits to Kuantan!

    Hi Traveling Hawk, I'm looking forward to see what you saw in Thailand.

    Well Rosalind, it's funny how we are on our 'best behaviour' when we first meet people and then go back to our normal selves once the dust has settled. I think I've been guilty of that on a number of occasions too! Thanks for your visits!

    Teresa, I remember you commented on my blog during the A-Z challenge of 2011. Thanks for dropping by again. I'll also be joining the A-Z 2012, sop perhaps our paths will cross once more.

    Yes Paul, it's been great to meet you! Thanks for your support.

    Hi Anna, Happy New Year to you too!

  8. Hej på er där nere i värmen.
    Hoppas att det har slutat att regna. Det ser jätteskönt ut där du ligger och gottar dig i solstolen fast nu var ju det ett tag sen nu.
    Vi här uppe i Norden vill önska dig och din familj en riktig GOD fortsättning på det nya året.
    Hoppas att det kommer att bli ett toppenår.

  9. Delightfully wonderful. I hope you've had a great time for the holidays, I wish you a happy and prosperous new year 2012.

  10. Lotta, thank you for your visits. May you have a great start to 2012!

    Leovi, wishing you a great 2012! Thanks for coming over :)


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