Monday, January 2, 2012

Top Ten Photos of 2011

Hello and welcome to Kuantan for my top ten photos of the year review. You may remember some of them from earlier posts. I had around 30 pictures, all of which could have featured in the top ten, but after much consideration, these are the best of the best.

10. At number ten is a hanging bridge over Lembing River, in the quiet town of Sungai Lembing. My wife, Lauren, and a friend stand midway down the bridge.

9. In at nine is this hot photo from Bukit Sekilau. Children stand in front of the raging fire as the fire crew make their way to the scene.

8. In eighth position is this lovely perspective picture of a road bridge in Singapore overlooking Marina Bay.

7. At seven is this picture of Lauren and her aunty Urai surrounded by sun, sea and sand at Damai beach, near Kuching.

6. This abstract image makes sixth spot. A torchlight shines down on a diamond to create this light show on the wall.

5. From the 18th floor of Park Seven condo, I captured the raindrops on the window, with the iconic Twin Towers in the background.

4. In fourth slot is this lovely yellow flower. It wasn't until I reviewed the image later that I noticed one bug homing in on another sitting on the flower.

3. In third place is this fascinating image of 'the smiling gecko'. After spending half an hour getting him out of the kitchen, we got him to the balcony on a Cornflakes box, where he smiled for a photo!

2. Second prize goes to these two flies on an orchid branch, copulating fully oblivious to my lens. I held a piece of white paper behind them for focusing purposes, whilst snapping the picture with the other hand.

1. My best picture of 2011 is undoubtedly this night scene of Marina Bay, Singapore, from the wobbly Helix bridge. It was dark, I was tired, the suspension bridge was bobbing up and down, but the picture came out crystal clear.

Which photo did you like the best? Would you have chosen a different number one?!


  1. Top quality photos all--I like the rain one and the smiling gecko, but your #1 pick is outstanding.

    Wrote By Rote

  2. I loved all of them Duncan but I guess my favorite would be the Gecko smiling. Over here an insurance company uses one to advertise their company and my wife literally loves him. He has an Australian accent which also helps.
    My warmest regards to your beautiful family.

  3. Of course the best picture goes to 'The Copulating Flies'!!!!XDD

  4. All are superb, first choose the number 8, I love the perspective of the bridge with delicious water reflections.

  5. Secondly, the window with raindrops and the twin towers, number 5.

  6. My third is that of copulating flies, number2

  7. My number 1 is the same as your choice! I love your new background. Looks like you are all ready for Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai babe! xoxoxo

  8. All are great but my favourite is the bridge in Singapore.

  9. #5 and #7 are awesome! Happy new year!

  10. All your photos are stunning! I think your #1 pick is truly magnificent and I don't think I would want the challenge of arranging them in any other order!

    I have come by way of the A to Z posting and have added myself as a follower! I look forward to taking a little visual trip around your world, via your blog!

    Nice to meet you!


  11. I like the picture of the yellow flower. And your #1 is also my choice for #1

  12. For all those who have commented, thanks for sharing your preferences with me.

    Welcome to my blog, Pearson Report/Jenny. Hope you're enjoying your tour :)


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