Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm gonna get you, thief!

We went out for lunch at Vistana Hotel today, and followed it up with a trip to the clinic for Leah's injection.

All went well. When we arrived home we found that our house had been broken into. We were quite shocked to see that someone had used a sharp type of knife to cut through the grille, which we had padlocked.

We nervously began exploring the house. We noticed a few files with our papers, certificates and passports spread all over the bedroom floor, but nothing had been taken. The thief was obviously after some jewellery, but fortunately we are not into buying (real) jewellery! Ha!

Here you can see how the thief had cut off part of the grille where the padlock hangs

Our neighbours said they had heard some loud banging but thought nothing of it. How I wish they did think something of it!

Apparently the thief tried to get in the neighbour's house but someone was home. Our other neighbours in the block opposite have been broken into a few times in the recent past, with jewellery gone missing.

Now we have to repair the grille

Three of our neighbours have seen the thief face-to-face and their descriptions of him match up. Then I suddenly remembered earlier this morning when we were leaving for the hotel, there was a thin Malay man smoking cigarettes at the bottom of the stairs, in his mid-40's. He saw us go down and leave our home. He also had prime viewing of my neighbour's house opposite us. I am extremely sure he is the thief.

He's stupid enough to keep coming back to these apartments, so I'm sure he'll be back before long.

I'm gonna get you thief!


  1. That's an outrageous event, Duncan! I know how you must feel because our cabin was once broken into(some years). I hope the thief will be catched (our was not!)

  2. Oh! sorry what happened, I hope you catch the thief and not happen again.

  3. What a shock for you Duncan, when you got back home to find that it had been broken into :( NOT a very good start to the new year, my friend! Thank goodness that nothing was taken. It's bad enough to think that someone had been there and rooting through all your things. Let's hope that he gets caught soon.

  4. Thank God nothing major had been taken... the guy should really get caught by now if he kept coming to the same place!

  5. Sorry to hear that your house had been broken into, Duncan. Crimes are on the rise despite what the authorities tell us. We Malaysians no longer feel safe anymore these days. Would that the authorities paid more attention to crime prevention efforts rather than deploying thousands of police every time they want to contain Anwar. Have you lodged a police report or like most of us Malaysians nowadays you have not because we have lost faith in the police? Hope you eventually do get to catch the burglar. I hope nothing of importance had been stolen. But it is the fact that one's castle, one's supposed safe sanctuary called home that has been invaded, that really incenses one and makes one feel violated. I understand and I hope everything returns to normal, although of course in one sense it never will feel normal again.

  6. I hope you do Duncan but be careful.

  7. I empathize with your predicament.
    When it happened to me I was never sure exactly all that was taken. Just the invasion alone was depressing.
    Best wishes for 2012, I hope this was the last bad thing to happen to you.

  8. Thanks to all who have expressed their sympathies with me in this post. The first time we were broken into, we lost our laptop, cd player and camera. I felt horrible for weeks and since then I've really trusted no-one. Now I'm out to catch that thief once and for all!

  9. You got to get a better grill door. And never take your house security for granted.

  10. The crime situation is not good here too !!!! Really a bad thing to happen!

  11. Hope all has been patched up, regarding your grill. Will you install a new, much more solid grill? I don't think it would be good re-welding the same lock back on again.

    Do you read or hear much in the news of other crime in Kuantan? My mother in law lives in Tanjung Malim, and they don't seem as worried about things like break ins, you always drive down the residential areas and see plenty of windows open, grills wide open etc.

    Could you start a community group with your neighbours and pledge to keep more watchful eyes and ears open? Even in my VERY new neighbourhood in Melbourne (brand new housing estates) we always check if we hear something outside that doesn't sound 'normal.'

    Be happy and know you and your family are safe!

  12. Yes Philip, we are making improvements.

    Wong, the crime is bad because not enough people have jobs or had the opportunity for education. That's what I think..

    Keith, I don't know about elsewhere in Kuantan, but I am communicating with a few neighbours about working together to catch this thief the next time he shows up!

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  14. I'm not quite sure what you're commenting on, Craig!


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