Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Roger Federer sent me mail!

Can you imagine my delight when I discovered mail in my post box from Roger Federer?!

The letter was found yesterday, complete with Swiss stamps, picture of Roger Federer and postal marks from his hometown Bottmingen.

Roger Federer is a tennis superstar, the best player to have ever played the game, with 70 tournament wins and with 16 major titles (more than any other male player ever), the greatest of all time. He is currently ranked as number three player in the world and is preparing for the Australian Open, which begins on 16th January.

I've been following his tennis career since mid-2004.

I wrote Roger a letter in mid-December 2011, which I'd been meaning to do for quite some time, and boy am I glad I did! I didn't expect any sort of reply. He's a very busy man with a wife and two daughters in addition to his professional tennis commitments.

The letter contained two postcard pictures of Roger Federer, autographed by the man himself. I must admit, I screamed when I took the letter out of the post box! That was a great moment :)

As you can see, I was considerably ecstatic for the rest of the day. I'm framing the two postcards and envelope and I'll be writing him again after the Australian Open.

Roger Federer sent me mail! He's my friend. He's a top man.


  1. Happy for you honey! Keep writing to him! :D

  2. I followed tennis in the early 80's with McEnroe, Corners, Becker! good for you, Duncan!

  3. Sorry to say I do not follow tennis but my employer and his wife do and have gone on quite a few trips to New York for tournaments. I am so happy for you though and can't wait to see the picture of it properly framed and on your wall. Congratulations my friend.

  4. No more than you deserved as an ardent fan of a great tennis player! Glad for you Duncan!

  5. That's fantastic Duncan! What an unexpected and thrilling event!

  6. Congratulation, Duncan! I can see by looking at your face how happy you were! You should give him the link to this post!

  7. Eeek! I know how much you admire Roger Federer, so I can imagine just how excited you must have been to receive that post from him! How wonderful, and shows what a decent man he is, to take the trouble to do that. WOnderful!

  8. Jag gläds med dig att han skickade ett sånt mysigt brev till dig.

    Vi har ju haft Björn Borg och han var inte så dålig han heller på sin tid.En superkille.
    Ha det jättegott

  9. Thanks to all for your responses and words of congratulations! I can't wait to write to him again after the Aussie Open!

  10. Really amazing, congratulations. Roger is as good tennis as it is without doubt one of the best in tennis history.

  11. Yes Leovi, he's one of the best in history, and I personally believe he is THE best.


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