Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Abstract Samples

The last several days I've been experimenting with abstract photography once more. It seems to be a very rewarding field.

Yesterday the Australian Open began in Melbourne too, and I enjoyed watching Roger Federer progress from the first round. He's so smooth and professional. Australians will be sad to see home favourite Sam Stosur eliminated just an hour ago in the first round. That was a real surprise.

Today I'm sharing some of my recent abstract photography work. Tell me if you like it . . .

Have a great day. I'm pleased to announce that the sun has returned and the rains disappeared in Kuantan. That makes me happy!


  1. Glad to know you can get outside again and enjoy the beauty all around you. Those shot are amazing with the effects that you have captured. Good work.

  2. Interesting experiment, Duncan! May be, when I retire, I will give it a try. For the moment I do not have the patience for these kind of photos.

  3. Lleyton Hewitt went through last night! Great match, my Pastor's son was a ballboy, cool seeing him on TV handing Hewitt the towel and doing all the other things they do!

    Nice pic experiments! You should get your hands on a copy of Photoshop, or alternatively:

    http://www.gimphoto.com/ (which is a free open source photo editor)

    Or http://pixlr.com/ (which is a web browser based photo editor)

    So you can get into removing dust out of shots or playing with colour balance, exposure compensations etc!

  4. Glad you have fun, looks pretty good to me ... the sun is out in KL too !

  5. Hej Duncan.
    Snyggt fotat.
    Ha det bra.

  6. Yes Odie, it's really great to get out again!

    Traveling Hawk, abstract photography is a whole different experience to the usual travel photos we are both accustomed to.

    Keith, that must have been great seeing him as ball boy! I'm playing around with photoshop :)

    Hi Wong, it is rather fun!

    Thanks Lotta, glad you like them!


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