Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Batu Hitam (Black Stone Beach), Balok, Kuantan

Driving back from Kuantan Port we decided to stop off at Batu Hitam (Black Stone Beach) in the Balok area of Kuantan. It is about a 15-20 minute drive from Kuantan town and is located along the coastline a short distance before Swiss Garden Resort & Spa (travelling from Kuantan town).

Batu Hitam is famous for the numerous black rocks strewn across the sand. It's great for a visit, and of course, for me, it's a great photography opportunity too! Obviously, it's best to go when the tide is out.

At Batu Hitam, Balok, Kuantan, with Lauren on a breezy day

Lauren shows a really interesting rock at Batu Hitam, Kuantan

Lauren amongst the black rocks at Batu Hitam

Interesting sand detail on a black rock at Batu Hitam

My wife and I enjoying the breeze at Batu Hitam

Lauren and Leah at Batu Hitam

My wife relaxing on a bench at Batu Hitam


  1. Those formations are so lovely (they remind me a little of places at home in Hawaii:) - and it looks like the girls and all entire family enjoyed a grand day out!

  2. They are some lovely shots of your kids in their brightly coloured dresses contrasting the black rocks.

  3. It looks like it was a marvelous day.

  4. You found some amazing rocks there.

  5. Fabulous captures, you have a lovely looking family. :-)

  6. This is a beautiful posting as always.

  7. Unique black stony beach. wonder how those stones got black.. beautiful family photos.. :)

  8. Came here for a family trip a lifetime ago. But we didn't actually go down to the beach and I remember being so disappointed (as a kid) at not being able to do so. Now I get to see it through your pictures. Found your listing on expat-blog and thought I would stop by to say hello. Great stuff! Thank you.

  9. Ming L, thanks for visiting from expat-blog, appreciate your visit!

  10. Some adorable photos there - some definitely worth framing! Interesting place. Looks like another world!


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